Fire Dragon Jackie Chan

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The dragons are a group of villainous characters in Jackie Chan Adventures.

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Fire Dragon Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan: The Digitized Dragon Happy birthday to martial arts movie star Jackie Chan who turns 66 today. I'm a fan of his movies and own more than 60 of them between VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms, but surprisingly I've only played one of of his games and at the time had no idea it was related to a Chan movie. Jackie Chan is known as many things: martial artist. Theaters reopening in New York City this weekend did not set the box office on fire, despite ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ premiere.

Fire Dragon - Jackie Chan Format: DVD. 3.8 out of 5 stars 10 ratings. DVD £7.14 Additional DVD options: Edition Discs Amazon Price New from Used from DVD. When half dragon and half human Enya Pierce finds a replica of the Snake Talisman she gets thrusted into the world of her favorite show. While in the the world of Jackie Chan Adventures she will try to remain neutral between the forces of good and evil, until she learns of something very important to her that will change everything.


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  • Voiced by: Michael Rosenbaum

Shendu's son who came back from the future to free him, then went after the demon sorcerers' powers. In the end he succeeded in absorbing the demon powers but was trapped in the center of the earth when he was getting sucked in by a spell by Uncle and Tohru. Before he fell in, Shendu grabbed his arm to help him but Drago pulled Shendu in with him and then the ground closed.

Strikemaster Ice[edit]

  • Voiced by Mike Erwin

Originally, Strikemaster Ice used to be a pizza delivery boy until he delivered a pizza to an old man who, instead of a tip, told him a legend of a secret monastery in the far east. Ice traveled there, and in the monastery he learned martial arts skills equal to if not greater than Jackie's. Eventually, he found out that the monks wanted him to learn the ways of peace. Ice was against this and he and his cohorts, DJ Fist and MC Cobra, were kicked out for bad behavior. They sought revenge against the monastery by attacking it and stealing a jewel that turned into a laser weapon that goes on a person's arm. The Chans, with the help of Finn, Ratso and Chow defeated Ice and his posse. Later he and his two cronies became Drago's dragonized henchmen and Strikemaster Ice became Drago's second-in-command. Like Drago, Ice could breathe fire, and he later gained earth powers from Drago. He and his men lost their dragon powers and reverted back to their human forms when Uncle and Tohru banished Drago and Shendu to the Demon Netherworld. Afterwards he, Fist and Cobra tried to escape, but were stopped by El Toro and Paco. Also it seems that he has a rather violent allergy to flower pollen.

DJ Fist and MC Cobra[edit]

  • MC Cobra is voiced by Jeff Fischer

Strikemaster Ice's posse who met him while they trained in the monastery and were kicked out for bad behavior along with Ice. Like Ice, they received dragon powers from Drago. While Cobra ran at super speeds, the silent DJ Fist possessed super strength. When Drago infused them with Demon Chi, Cobra gained wind power while Fist got thunder. When Drago and Shendu were sent to the Demon Netherworld, they, along with Ice, lost their powers.

Fire dragon movie jackie chan

Dragon Minions[edit]

The Dragon Minions are Shendu's wyvern servants who he planned to unleash to destroy Asia. Before he could free them, he was defeated by the Chans. They later appeared after Shendu altered history, serving as sentries and steeds for the Demon Sorcerer of Fire. They appeared again in the future, where Drago used them to take over Section 13. In the series finale Drago employed the use of other dragon-like demons including ghostly skeletal serpents as well as large violet snake-like monsters (which were also seen in the Shadowkahn's Shadow Realm).

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Fire Dragon Jackie Chan

About Fire Dragon and the Software Developer

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Mobile Version for Android & iOS

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Fire Dragon Movie Jackie Chan

Conclusion: RTP & Rating

Fire Dragon slot has a couple of other great things going for it, including the connection to Jackie Chan, and the quality of the design, not to mention the potential of winning a jackpot worth 2,500x your trigger stake. The average return to player of Fire Dragon slot game is a high 96.04%, and the slot is a well-designed game, with cool dragon graphics and a rather simplistic layout and gameplay. It is most definitely a breath of fresh air since it is so different from any other slot around. So if you feel like a bit of diversity is needed in casino gameplay, then the Fire Dragon might not be a bad choice for you. The Fire Dragon is a simple, maybe even primary game with a very complicated paytable. There are no free spins, which is a minus, but there are some decent options for right size winnings nonetheless. If you are into something unique and different, then Fire Dragon might be just the right option for you. The slot comes highly rated with an RTP over 96%.