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Research on nicotine and the brain reveals how nicotine affects the brain and provides clues in medical treatments for nicotine addiction. Effects of Nicotine on the Brain. O Often victims of abuse or from family history of addiction Escape gambling o Gambling way to lose awareness of time, money lost and people o 95% of women who gamble are escape gamblers- slots, video poker, lottery, bingo o Gambling as coping mechanism to forget overwhelming troubles and emotions o Gambling used to escape, soothe, reduce.

Research on nicotine and the brain reveals how nicotine affects the brain and provides clues in medical treatments for nicotine addiction.

Effects of Nicotine on the Brain

Research into the effects of nicotine on the brain has shown that nicotine, like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, increases the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which affects the brain pathways that control reward and pleasure. Scientists have pinpointed a particular molecule [the beta 2 (b2)] subunit of the nicotine cholinergic receptor as a critical component in nicotine addiction. Mice that lack this subunit fail to self-administer nicotine, implying that without the b2 subunit, the mice do not experience the positive reinforcing properties of nicotine. This finding identifies a potential site for targeting the development of nicotine addiction medications.

Nicotine and the Brain: The Role of Genetics

Other research on nicotine and the brain found that individuals have greater resistance to nicotine addiction if they have a genetic variant that decreases the function of the enzyme CYP2A6. The decrease in CYP2A6 slows the breakdown of nicotine and protects individuals against nicotine addiction. Understanding the role of this enzyme in nicotine addiction gives a new target for developing more effective medications to help people quit smoking. Medications might be developed that can inhibit the function of CYP2A6, thus providing a new approach to preventing and treating nicotine addiction.

Nicotine Affects the Brain Pleasure Centers

Another study found how nicotine affects the brain. Dramatic changes in the brain's pleasure circuits were spotted during withdrawal from chronic tobacco use. These changes are comparable in magnitude and duration to similar changes observed during withdrawal from other abused drugs such as cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and alcohol. Scientists found significant decreases in the sensitivity of the brains of laboratory rats to pleasurable stimulation after nicotine administration was abruptly stopped. These changes lasted several days and may correspond to the anxiety and depression experienced by humans for several days after quitting smoking 'cold turkey.' The results of this research may help in the development of better treatments for the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that may interfere with individuals' attempts to quit.

Famous Addicted Gamblers Tv Series


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Boxing can be a hugely rewarding sport for the highly talented players. The likes of Floyd Mayweather are signs that doing well and boxing can reap rewards in several hundreds of millions. Now regarded as one of the greatest boxers in the world, Mayweather is now worth around $400 million.

He is one of the examples of a boxer managing to go down the right path and secure his financial future – not just for himself, but for several generations. Yet, other boxers have not been as lucky as Mayweather. They have slipped into bad ways and have lost their careers, money, and sometimes, even family.

One of the main reasons for boxers losing out on their substantial wealth or talent is an addiction. A huge section of the population struggles with the problem of addiction, and boxers – despite being highly professional names – are not exempt from this situation. Here are some of the problems that they have faced with addiction once we look more into the problem:

Cocaine addiction

The Brit is regarded as one of the greatest boxers to come out from Great Britain in recent years. He had managed to win the world welterweight and light-welterweight titles in order to be crowned as the best in the business. Today, Hatton has almost lost everything and is trying to rebuild his life as a promoter and as a trainer. The 38-year-old recently admitted that he struggled with the problem of cocaine addiction, which led to his boxing lessons being canceled in 2010. Since then, the player has endured seven years of misery and is only now on the verge of rebuilding his life.

Cocaine addiction continues to be a major problem around the world and boxers are not exempt from this deadly problem. It continues to be a problem because there are little restrictions available in the open world. The problem of cocaine addiction amongst boxers actively involved in the sports has reduced of late, thanks to a large number of screening tests that are being conducted. Even then, it is quite easily possible for boxers to get addicted to cocaine once they finish their careers. It is similar for sex addicts and their addiction to porn websites such as tubev. And such like them they had to seek out help to find answers to any sexual addiction questions they might have had to help them beat their addiction.


Gambling addiction

More than cocaine, gambling addiction has been seen as a major threat to the financial integrity of boxers. Even the greatest boxers in the world, who make around $30 million in each fight, are not immune to this category. Some of the famous sportspersons who have been caught up in a mix of gambling addiction are Michael Jordan and Manny Pacquiao.

Jordan was an NBA athlete who used to gamble so much that he even lost a million dollars in one night. At the height of his boxing career, Pacquiao was regarded as a direct threat to Floyd Mayweather’s superiority. Yet, he recently wanted an advance $2 million payment in order to sort out his gambling debts just ahead of a major fight.

Yet, gambling is one of the easy addiction problems to overcome. This is due to the plethora of responsible gambling solutions provided by casinos and bookmakers. Slot games may not appear to take a large chunk of the game time, but even this form of casino games has extensive responsible gambling solutions. The best slot machines online in the AU are a great example.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is also such a serious problem, but it often gets overlooked because of the gambling and cocaine problems that are occurring on an even bigger scale. One of the greatest boxers of all time has to be Mike Tyson. Even though there are occasions when the American came upon the headlines for the wrong reasons, he is regarded as one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction then now might be the time to seek help, there are many different treatments available. Some people have started going to the Avante Ibogaine Retreat to help them with their alcohol addiction, however you should make sure that whichever treatment you choose is the one which will be most beneficial to you.

Yet, his decline started once he got addicted to alcohol. After a successful rehab, Tyson recently admitted that he was sober only for 12 days. Tyson is trying to make a comeback into the world of boxing as a promoter, not as a fighter.

He is one of the big profile players to commit an admission of alcohol addiction problems. It is an issue that boxers tend to keep under the sheets for the fear of being vindicated by the press. Tyson says that he was on the verge of death as a result of being a vicious alcoholic person.

Famous Addicted Gamblers Actors

Unlike gambling addiction, there are no strict structures saving people from alcohol and cocaine addiction unless they visit a helpline. More often than not, the issue becomes full-blown by that time and once-great-boxers would be starting at the prospect of physical and financial ruin.Wizard blackjack free.

Famous Gamblers In History

Yet, it is surprising that boxers, who have made their careers on the back of incredible talent and professionalism, would be unable to prevent external forces taking control of their lives. Sadly, immediate help and support are available only with the likes of gambling addiction.