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Posted : admin On 20.02.2021

Bet9ja An intriguing and mind-blowing game. Improve your math skills. Play on the big league, challenge yourself. Beat your own high score. Accuracy and speed and practice are your key to become the champion of the game. Download now and stay entertained. BET9JA SPORTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. HOW TO INSTALL THE APP. Modify Settings. Open the “Downloads” folder and select the app (.apk file) to install. Download Casino Download SportsBook. Bet LIVE on 1000s of sports from around the world on your smartphone. Our Full Casino Experience. How to install Bet9ja mobile app on Android? Here are the steps to download and install the app: Step 1: Go to your Security Settings and enable the download from ‘Unknown Sources’ so that you can download the.apk file. Step 2: Go to the mobile downloads portion of the website and download the.apk file of the app that you want to download (Casino app or Sportsbook app).

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  2. Download Bet9ja Virtual Appliance
  3. Download Bet9ja Virtual App Download
  4. Download Bet9ja App For Pc

Bet9ja was originally launched back in 2013 and has quickly become one of Nigeria’s leading online bookmakers principally because of its very competitive odds and wide variety of sports markets. It is licensed and regulated by both the State of Osun and the Lagos State Lotteries Board

Bet9ja is one of the leading providers when it comes to mobile betting and they have availed a mobile app they refer to as Bet9ja mobile which we will take a closer look at here to see what benefits users can derive from it!

1)How to Download the Bet9ja Mobile App?

The process of getting Bet9ja APK app is very straightforward. It is available on the website & mobile website and you need to take note of these requirements:

For Android

Due to Google’s strict regulations on gambling apps, you can only download the Bet9ja APK to get file from the Bet9ja website by following this process:

  • Ensure that your device is set-up to accept downloads from unknown sources
  • Enter the Bet9ja mobile website via your Android device
  • Click on the APPS tab at the top of the screen
  • Select the DOWNLOAD SPORTSBOOK option
  • Wait for your download to complete
  • Once it is complete, you can proceed to launch it and enjoy all it’s exciting features

For iOS

The app is not compatible with iOS at this point in time

Bet9ja Mobile Website

If you have a device that is compatible with the app or you simply do not wish to install the app, you can use the Bet9ja mobile website. The mobile website offers all of the same features and markets and you can bookmark the home page on your device for easy access.

TIP: Once you have downloaded the betting app, we recommend you to read our free betting tips to gain an insight on the best football tips

2) In which countries is the Bet9ja app available?

Unfortunately, as presently designed, the Bet9ja website is designed for use by Nigerians – with limitations in Ghana

Approved countries for app download: 🇳🇬 🇬🇭

3) Which systems are required?

For Android

Your device should have Android 4.1 or higher

For iOS

The app is not compatible with iOS at the moment so iOS users don’t have to worry about any system or compatibility requirements. The mobile website is the option available for them

4) What are the Pros & Cons of the app?

  • Easy and FREE to download
  • Very interactive platform
  • Live streaming available
  • Faster loading of games
  • Welcome bonus available
  • Not compatible with Windows or iOS
  • Prone to bugs

5) Bonuses available for app users?

Welcome Bonus

Users of the app are able to take advantage of Bet9ja’s generous Welcome Bonus of 100% on opening deposits up to a maximum of ₦100,000

You can get more promotions on Bet9ja as well as other betting sites by reading our betting bonus page

6) Other features and options in the Be9ja App?

The app is easy to use and you are assured of enjoying all of these options:

  • Access a range of exciting casino games
  • Deposits, withdrawal and account history within your reach
  • Up to 170% in Multibet boosts
  • Sports Live streaming
  • Free Live Scores
  • Betting on virtual sports
  • Cash-out option
  • Live in-play betting
  • Jackpot games

Bet9ja Live Streaming

This gives users the chance to watch live some of the events which you can still bet on

Bet9ja Livescore

Here, you can get the scores of the events while they are ongoing. This is particularly beneficial for those that place bets in-play

Download bet9ja app for pc

Cash out

Thie feature allows punters to withdraw part or all of the winnings before the event is closed. This app allows users to benefit from this popular feature

Mobile Betting on Virtual Sports

The app has a virtual betting section which has the Bet9ja virtual league, virtual horse races, virtual tennis, and virtual dog racing. The streaming is quite good on these virtual events as it is in HD and placing bets on them is also easy

Live in-play betting

This is yet another exciting feature that allows you to place live bets on current ongoing matches.

Super9ja Jackpot Game

Users can engage themselves in the Super9ja FREE Jackpot Game where you stand a chance to win the grand prizes by predicting correctly six matches selected by the bookie

7) How to Place a Bet?

Select the sport you wish to bet on

Choose the event(s) and choose your betting option(s)

Go to betslip at the top right to view the selected event(s)

Tap on Bet to place the bet

You can call with the Blinds hands listed in the recommended playing hands if the pot has developed in a way that fits your hand. Following one limper, you would consider playing any A or K. You will be less inclined to play offsuit hands in a multiway pot, and more inclined to play suited cards, connectors, and any pair. How to play texas holdem blinds cost. If the big blind is an aggressive player with a high 3-bet frequency, tighten your range. When a super-tight player is in the big blind, open-raise with an even wider range. You should lean towards using a larger open-raise size (around 3x) in blind vs blind situations. We already wrote the book on the 10 Essential Texas Hold’em Moves and now we’re back to bring you 10 more. Today we’ll teach you how to defend your blinds. You’re forced to put money into the pot twice per orbit and we're going to show you how to minimize your losses and win more pots when you’re playing from the small and big blind. In order to start betting in Hold’em, forced bets (known as blinds) are made by the two players immediately clockwise from the dealer button. The person immediately clockwise from the dealer has the small blind, and the next player clockwise has the big blind. Making blind bets is known as posting and this is done before any cards are dealt. Texas Holdem poker does have something called blinds though. They are another type of forced bet, but this time before you have been dealt your cards. Like antes, they exist so that there is a cost to playing, so the poker games don’t go on and on with players just waiting to be dealt a great hand.

8) How to make payments?

How to Deposit

Go to the DEPOSIT icon on the app and choose from the payment methods available

How to Make a Withdrawal

To withdraw, go to WITHDRAW icon and select the appropriate method you wish to use to withdraw the funds in your account

9) How to Contact Customer Service using Bet9jaApp?

Bet9ja do not have a Livechat service on the website or the app. Instead, they have a contact section which lists all the different ways a client can get through to them if they have any queries to raise.

10) Conclusion

Bet9ja mobile app terrific platform for customers that has not only incorporated all the desktop features but also has all the major promotions. As one of the most preferred bookies in Nigeria, they have a fantastic sportsbook with numerous betting markets and very competitive odds. With this Bet9ja APK app, clients are able to place their bets conveniently while enjoying these great benefits.

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The Bet9ja app reaches 94/100 points in our bookmaker app test

It may be deemed tricky or difficult updating Bet9ja’s new mobile. What’s caused this anomaly? Since it’s inaccessible on Play Store is owing to rigid policy, apart from a few like-applications. This tricky nature or quite troublesome nature of its deployment means it’s accessible via Bet9ja apk, an wonderful inventive way to manoeuvre or by-pass hitches to give punters satisfactory cum smoother mobile service satisfactory experience.

Below are few simple approaches Bet9ja’s mobile phone app installation: Modify Settings: Tap “unknown sources” once your settings come up as prompt on-screen message. Download: Tap “download” tab and download the apk configuration app; then install finally.

Old Bet9ja mobile app Setup guide: Android

To start off this process, try to ensure good space on your phone’s space in order to accommodate this app. This process is pretty much same with downloading bet9ja mobile.

To get this done, gamer’s attention is imperative to the following guide: Visit bet9ja home page via Bet9ja browser. Enlist on the home page if you’ve none. Decide on either alternative given: most recent or previous bet9ja mobile app application downloads ANDROID. Tap SAVE, afterwards apk file gets downloaded on your gadget. Followed by getting bet9ja apk file opened and installed to use bet9ja mobile.

Bet9ja mobile app Setup guide: Android

Your inevitable deployment of Bet9ja mobile, takes an ingenious step-wise guide: Switch to the “SETTINGS” segment of your smartphone. Flip to “SECURITY” and then tap “Unknown Sources.” Return to the setup page, then deploy the Bet9ja apk file. The installation will be finalised on your cellphone. After that, your journey to good gaming begins.

Bet9ja iOS Application

Bet9ja facility on IOS that was launched may be deemed tricky. What’s the reason? Because of Apple’s policy related to its unavailability on iOS store, except for a few betting apps except for a few gambling applications. Tricky means accessibility via Bet9ja apk, a ground-breaking manoeuver providing punters with satisfying gameplay experience being highly optimised for mobile service.

Bet9ja Computer Version

Via setup and deployment techniques for Android, gamer must go after same procedure as spelt out.

Benefits of Bet9ja Mobile App

There are absolute gains by means of Bet9ja mobile. These include: uninterrupted access (where the app isn’t firewalled), reliable and easy payment systems, direct replication of the entire facilities on the chief home page of mobile application, perfect compatibility with mobile gadgets, crisp display, comfy interface, free-flow homepage surfing; easy but tricky download guide.

Mobile Website Edition

Official Bet9ja site does have a classic template, of green, black and white shades in its design patent accompanied by superb graphic and animations characteristics. Mobile edition is just a replica of main home page devoid of compromise.

But there’s only few gamers that want a functionality that would be easier and quicker. Unless you’re one of them, shouldn’t bother thinking although Bet9ja has already decided to invest in a website that has become comprehensively organized and hassle-free. Bet9ja now has a cellphone-friendly site that’s available on computer systems from which they can access their gambling site.


Furthermore, its functionality for portable devices is distinct and smoother. What makes the mobile site more remarkable is its interactivity.

Bet9ja Mobile App Review

This aspect is relevant because it reveals some of the hindsights fully deserving of the gamer’s knowledge. Owing from its broad range of wagering and gaming kinds, the mobile facility for bookie is held in high esteem. Very few pundits say it’s a plus on the mobile web edition, but it’s not presented for deployment.

Bet9ja is however, dominant and excellently-known throughout the gambling industry because it encompasses most the world’s most important sports competitions. They provide wagers on most sports like soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis, baseball, and much more. They’ve invested heavily in cellphone bookmaking due to their excessive success.

In a constantly changing contemporary world, it’s not only sufficient to access a homepage on computer, but it should also be accessible on a cellphone. Via a mobile phone app, which itself is meticulously created to give the greatest gambling pleasure in a portable device, they’ve broadened their systems.

Main Application Facilities

To gauge the suitability of bet9ja app setup, gamers must be see through the lens of these main facilities that give them insights into the app’s preference. They are as follows:

  • Livescore: This facility helps with detailed statistics of real-life games and their current outcomes, and aids some prognostications of choice events.
  • In-play: It’s just a semblance of the live bet segment; but affords you profitable games to stake on, even live games with their current odds.
  • Cash-Out: With this facility you have advantage of strategic bet management.
  • Live-streaming: For real betting fans, they can see live videos or streams of games on-going and also supervise your stakes. Being used with its innovative functionalities and remodelled odds, it gives you a massive prospect not just to watch a live video content sporting activities in high definition, but also to indulge yourself in the exhilaration of betting something which you enjoy.
  • Internalised search system: Amongst the major useful things the Bet9ja phone app guarantees is a very holistic search function with which you can find no shortage of betting markets along with thorough and complete detailed specifics about each.
  • Goal scorer: Goal scorer is a type of activity that requires players to speculate as to how many goals a player score. It’s a fascinating fun side game you would enjoy while staking wagers on games.

Mobile Betting Options

For enriched staking opportunities there’s varied preference punter can choose from to suit your preference which straddles casino, sports, virtual, and jackpot segments.

  • Virtual segment: this hosts sports event that are simulated, they’re not real but these simulations occur in real life.
  • Casino: this displays related games like poker, dice, arcades and lots extra. This segment offers you a bit of leisure for relaxation. Some other cool advantage for the live casino has been its collection of stunning brokers who encourages casino gamers to enjoy a steady stream of thrilling HD games via exclusive entertainment facilities throughout the globe.
  • Sports: This segment hosts sports like those of rugby league, hockey championships, hand ball, biking, Motogp, Grandprix, Formula1, NBA basketball, football actions in major leagues across the world.
  • Jackpot: It’s termed “Super9ja Jackpot Game”. Here you’re expected to forecast correctly the outcomes of 6 sports event and wait to see what happens afterwards.

Bet9ja Mobile App vs. Betnaija Mobile Site

This aspect is to give you a view of their merits and demerits each.

Download Bet9ja Virtual Appliance

  • Merits mobile app: absolutely free download, site surfing is fast, enriched bet experience; and works perfectly. Demerits mobile app: constant updates required, takes up more storage space; and need download and installation.
  • Merits mobile site: demonstrates optimum accessibility, you can browse directly via mobile browser, it’s not supposed to really be extracted and installed Demerits web site: sluggish site opening and highly mobile browser-dependent.

Compatible Gadgets

The app demonstrates immense compatibility on many mobile gadgets. They’re dissimilarly, quite older and newer models of: LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony Experia, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Meizu, Oppo, and many more. Mobile Bonuses

Bonuses are obtainable on time and date for online activities. Also the super9ja jackpot game where you can accurately forecast 6 league games to earn 10 million Naira.

Mobile Payment Options

A number of payment methods remain readily accessible, along with cash lodgment and withdrawal services. The forms of payment offered by the site are part of items that’ll make you really applaud Bet9ja for. Being Nigerian-bound, Bet9ja supports Naira denominated lodgements and bets in local denominations. Bookie supports a few of the widely accepted foreign visa or mastercard cards, with payment systems focused exclusively on delivering expedient payment options to local gamers.

Financial operations can only be managed through a ‘My Account’ segment with the options given: Betting List, Acc. Statement, Transaction Registry, Payment, Withdraw, Bank teller and Mails. There are so many options of payment readily accessible. All transactional solutions are free of charge, accessibility is seamless and payments can even be made from 100 to 9999999 Naira.

There’s a guide that describes how and when to make a payments using each process through a crisp visual display. Bank Transfer services can be used to make cash pull-outs. There really are no taxes, payment must transfer within a single 24 hours and the lowest and highest sums vary from 5000 to 9999999 Naira.

Download Bet9ja Virtual App Download


It’s only for Nigerian bettors at the moment, but there’s plan for expansion within and outside Africa.
It might be due to inadequate app updates, weak connectivity or functionality of none and sort of existing internet infrastructure accessible.
Ensuring app’s utility for all the application’s betting tools, you must first log-on to your account on the home page.

You need to keep an eye on the setup and deployment guides. What are the communication channels of Bet9ja web?

If, whilst using the web page or on your mobile app, you encounter any challenges, you have nothing more to worry about. Always approach the customer care team through both the twitter handle or call them mostly between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

How secure and stable is the mobile Bet9ja website?

Download Bet9ja App For Pc

Regarding this concern, you have nothing to bother about because the mobile portal is shelled with SSL-encryption tech, implying strong manning of clients database and impenetrability to hackers.
Sure, it would only be practicable when your gaming account does have some funds.

Are Bet9ja instructional videos or plain tutorial available on the site?

This can be done and made freely available on the web for prospective punters.

What’s the best, newly released mobile app Bet9ja or old mobile app?

Is it possible verify coupons for old and new mobile app Bet9ja?

This is possible if you have your coupon codes written somewhere.