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Posted : admin On 03.03.2021
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The concept of a winning sports betting system seems simple. If you flip a coin to pick games, you can win 50% of the time. When you factor in the vig charged by bookmakers, you have to win 52%to 53% of the time, depending on the vig you pay, to turn a profit.

This means that to develop a winning sport betting system, you just need to be able to beat a coin flip by two to three percent. Surelywith the amount of statistics and metrics and computer power available in today’s world, this is a realistic possibility.

The 52% to 53% estimates listed above only consider spread betting and totals, but the concept is the same if you bet on money lines. The percentages are different depending on betting onunderdogs and favorites, but to make a long-term profit, you still only need to develop a system that operates slightly better than a coin flip.

Even though building a winning system seems like it’s possible, not many are able to do it. This page is designed to help you learn how to build a winning sports betting system.

The main reason is because the bookmakers are smart

They invest a great deal of resources and time into setting lines that can’t be exploited. They also try to determine what winning bettors do, and go to great lengths to make those winningsystems stop working.

I read an interview that a big sports bettor gave, and he described it as a race between him and the sportsbook. He constantly came up with ways to win and they constantly tried to eliminate hisedge.

His description is a good way to summarize your long-term battle with the bookmakers. A winning betting system is not a static thing. It has to grow and improve over time if you want to continuewinning.

Here’s an example:

Diy Sports Betting Systems Definition

Many NFL bettors remember when most home underdogs offered value. Smart bettors figured out that they could bet on every home underdog and turn a profit. The bookmakers were undervaluing theability of home teams in match-ups involving strong road teams. Genie slots free.

This created a situation where a simple system (in this case, betting on home underdogs) was profitable. This was even written about at the time, which is one of the reasons it no longer works.

Diy Sports Betting Systems Near Me


The bookmakers saw that a percentage of bettors were making consistent profit on home underdogs, and they started changing the lines. The books quickly destroyed this system by learning how muchthey needed to adjust the lines before releasing them to the public.

When this happened, a few smart sports bettors were able to find value in some of the games where the bookmakers moved the lines too far to compensate for the home underdog bias.

The value wasn’t available in every game, but in some games the line was moved too far, and there was value on the road favorite’s side instead of the home underdogs.

This dance between the bookmakers and smart sports bettors continues today, and will continue as long as there’s a sports betting market.