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Posted : admin On 03.03.2021

PokerStars loyalty program


Playing your Free Spins Once a Free Spins Bonus is available to be used on an eligible game (i.e. It has been accepted), the Free Spins icon will be displayed on its game window. Click the Free Spins icon to open the Free Spins widget; clicking ‘Play’ in the widget will launch a Free Spins session in a separate window. There are plenty of eye-catching neon symbols which will reap hearty rewards, including three-of-a-kind Red Spades for 100x your line bet. But what you want to keep your eyes peeled for is the Diamond Stars.

Technically called the Stars Rewards program, it is really different from other online poker rooms. Mainly, it revolves around earning RPs to unlockchests. Each chest contains some type of cash that equates to rakeback or even Spin & Go tickets. Depending on your chest levelcolor, cash prizes can range from as little as $0.50 up to $700.

  • Blue chest: Prizes of $0.50.
  • Bronze chest: Prizes range from $0.60 to $12.
  • Silver chest: Prizes range from $1.50 to $30.
  • Gold chest: Prizes range from $5 to $100.
  • Diamond chest: Prizes range from $12.50 to $250.
  • Black chest: Prizes range from $35 to $700.

Based on a 28-daycycle, you need to earn 10 chests in order to move up levels over that time period. These chests also don’t just award cash prizes, but you can also receive RPs. Check your progress bar to see how close you are to earning chests.

How to win poker tournaments. Also, you don’t just have to earn RPs at poker, earn them while playing in the casino and sports betting platforms, as well. However, for poker specifically, you earn 100 RPs for each $1 in ring cash game rake or Zoompoker. For tournaments, you earn 45 RPs for each $1 paid in fees.

Excluded from earning RPs are no-limit and pot-limit higher stakes games such as $5/$10 and higher. For limit and 8-game, blinds of $20/$40 and higher are excluded as well.

Finally, each player’s progress bar is different, so it is very difficult to determine how much rakeback you’re actually getting.

When do I receive my winnings?

The winnings are credited as soon as you've played all your Free Spins. Here are the general rules that determine when players receive their winnings:

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  • All Free Spins must be fully used before they expire.
  • The amount rewarded will be based on winnings earned from the Free Spins.
  • All Free Spins have a maximum amount that can be converted into winnings.

Pokerstars Download

To verify your winnings, go to:

  • My Stars → Free Spins → Check out the Winnings Pending column.

In the Free Spins section, you'll find all the details you need, such as the number of Free Spins awarded and their expiry date.

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