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Central America
51,100 km²

Costa Rica Gambling License Costa Rica is an independent country located in Central America and is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Caribbean Sea to the east, Panama to the southeast and Pacific Ocean to the west. Costa Rica is popular for the low company setup expenses and absence of online gambling regulation and licenses.

Data Processing License Costa Rica

As a visiting foreigner, you are permitted to drive in Costa Rica using a valid license from your home country for the duration of your entry stamp. If your passport entry stamp reads 90 days, you may legally drive on your foreign license for that time period. After 90 days, you must either leave the country to renew your entry stamp or obtain a Costa Rican driver’s license. Toggle navigation. EU USA Federal USA Federal. Gambling companies can carry out their activities only after the receiving a special commercial license (Data Processing License), which gives them a right to provide gaming services, such as: online casino, online poker, bingo, sports betting and other types of betting. In total, more than 200 online casinos have registered in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica
San José


Costa Rica is a country in Central America between the Atlantic and the Pacific. The land has a total area of 51,100 km² and a total coastline of 1,290 km. This area is approximately 203% of the area of Maryland. lies at an average height of 746 meters above sea level.
The country has about 120 islands. There are direct national borders with the 2 neighbouring countries Nicaragua and Panama. The distance between New York City and the Capital San José is about 3,570 km.
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Current time in Costa Rica:
März 2021

The countrywide time in Costa Rica is Central Standard Time (CST).
As in many countries, there is no daylight saving time in Costa Rica.
Related to Greenwich Mean Time, there's the same difference of -6 hours all over the year.Sunrise and sunset


Population per km²:98.78
Ø 82.7 years
14.0 ‰
5.1 ‰
50.0% : 50.0%

Population pyramid

CostaThe currency in Costa Rica is Colón (CRC).
1 Colón is divided into 100 Céntimos.
Status: 03/09/2021
1 US Dollar = 613.78 Colón
1000 Colón = 1.63 US Dollar

The climate in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, as in all equatorial countries, there is a tropical climate. Unlike in Europe or the USA, there is almost no difference between the seasons. The daylight hours vary little, and the temperature differences between summer and winter are also lesser. Depending on the season, the average daytime temperatures range between 28 and 30 degrees. In some parts of the country the temperature raises up to 31 °C. In the colder months and depending in the region, the temperature lowers down to 19°C in a month's average.


Official language:

mother tonguedistribution
› Spanish97.5 %
› Creole-English2.0 %
› Chibcha0.3 %
› Chinese0.2 %


Roman Catholics76.3%
Jehovah's Witnesses1.3%
other Protestants0.7%



GDP:55,204.45 M €
Exportations:18,957.6 M €
Importations:17,518.2 M €
› Tourism receipts:3.66 bn €
› Unemployment rate:17.1 %
› Inflation rate:2.10 %
› corruption index:56 (moderate)
› Energy consumption:9.8 bn kWh

According to the definition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Costa Rica is one of the developing countries because of its lower economic performance. With an Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.810 Costa Rica counts as one of the high developed economies by UN-definition. However, the IMF does not share this classification.

Land use

Data Processing License Costa Rica

8% Urban areas:4,052 km²
35% Agricultural areas:18,111 km²
54% Forest:27,562 km²
0% Water areas:40 km²
3% Others:1,335 km²


Data Processing License Costa Rica Airports


Data Processing License Costa Rica Coronavirus Travel

Roadways:5,035 km
Railways:278 km
Waterways:730 km
Commercial harbors:11
› Airports:161

Most important cities

San José / CapitalSan José347,000
AlajuelitaSan José95,000
San FranciscoHeredia56,000
San IsidroSan José35,000
CurridabatSan José35,000
San VicenteSan José34,000
San JoséAlajuela31,000

Costa Rica Website

Political indicators

(Based on the 'Worldwide Governance Indicators' project of the World Bank)

Political stability:
Rule of law:
Regulatory quality:
Voice accountability:
Death penalty:abolished in 1877

Existing trade agreements