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People across the UK have so many different options attheir fingertips when it comes to enjoying the online casino experience.However, while many services are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, othershave also been granted approval to operate by authorities in otherjurisdictions.

During the course of your research into online casinos, youmay see Curacao-licensed sites pop up now and again. These online casinos canprove fairly attractive to players across the globe for a number of reasons,with some UK players being drawn to the sheer range of games on offer as wellas the fact that the Gamstop mechanism may not be in force on them.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was founded in 2007 in accordance to the 2005 Gambling Law. It offers licenses both to online casino operators and land-based casinos. The commission was first. Check the jurisdictions issuing regular online games’ licenses necessary to suggest the gambling games provided by online casinos in accordance with EU rules.

In this article, we are going to examine the pros and consof trying your luck at Curacao online casinos, as well as cover a few keyissues you need to be aware of and some frequently asked questions related tothe sites that come up time and time again.

TopCuracao Casinos That Accept UK Players

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Advantages With Curacao Casinos

There are several advantages associated with playing on Curacao-licensedonline casino sites, with one of the most fundamental being that they tend tobe open to players based across the world. This means that regardless of whereyou are, you should be able to log on and enjoy the action available on aCuracao casino.

Furthermore, you will find a host of exciting gamingoptions on offer at Curacao online casinos, with everything from slots to tablegames and even live casino options being available. If you have a favouritegames developer there is a high likelihood that you will find their work onthese domains too.

Such sites are also often linked with having fewer legalrestrictions, while some even allow players to remain anonymous as they play. Afew of them are also known to accept cryptocurrencies, which may be a big boostif you have invested in Bitcoin or other digital forms of currency as they haveedged towards the mainstream in recent years.

Thingsto Be Aware of With Curacao Casinos

However, while there may be some perceived benefits toplaying on online casinos licensed in Curacao, there are a few key issues youshould bear in mind when doing so.

First up, it is generally regarded that the process forbeing licensed by Curacao eGaming is relatively straightforward, which meansthere are still some concerns over whether all of the sites granted approvalcan actually be trusted. However, the jurisdiction is very popular due to thefact that businesses that establish themselves there get to enjoy significanttax benefits.

IsNon-Gamstop Gambling Tax-Free?

As we just touched upon, online casino sites operating witha Curacao license get to enjoy some significant tax benefits, with operatorsonly facing a tax rate of 2% on any net profits they make through theirefforts.

This is why the region is so hugely attractive to manycompanies – and that may, in theory, give them the opportunity to develop andcreate more favourable deals and promotions for their players.

PaymentMethods on Curacao Casinos – Limitless Deposits?

But if you’re opting to enjoy casino gaming on a siteregistered in Curacao, what kind of payment methods can you expect to see onoffer? A host of different deposit options tend to be available across theleading sites, with many of them also being viable withdrawal methods too.

However, one of the key differences you may see withCuracao online casinos is that such sites do not tend to feature anyrestrictions on deposits. This is in contrast to licensed UK casinos which mayfeature some maximum limit on the amount you can add to your account.

Curacao online casinos also tend to support a range ofdifferent payment methods, from traditional banking services like Visa,Mastercard and Maestro to online services such as Skrill, Neteller andPaysafecard. As we have already touched upon, some even go so far as to supportcryptocurrency processing through services such as CoinsPaid.

What isa Curacao Casino?

Paper wings clothing for kids. So while we have given you a basic overview of what you canexpect from using Curacao online casinos, our next focus will be on what itactually means for a site to be referred to in that manner.

On a fundamental level, a Curacao online casino is awebsite which offers gaming services and is fully licensed to do so under theapproval of Curacao eGaming – the licensing authority for that jurisdiction. Itis widely accepted that Curacao-licensed casinos will accept players fromalmost anywhere in the world.

GamblingLicense Requirements

While Curacao online casinos are not thought to be subjectto the same level of scrutiny as sites operating in other countries, they dostill need to meet some specific requirements to become licensed.

For example, an online casino operator has to have apresence and physical hardware on the actual Caribbean island, while it shouldalso support a range of payment methods. Other issues that need to be checkedinclude criminal records and plans on how the operator intends to tacklematters such as responsible gaming.

How andWhere to Get a License

E-Gaming licenses are granted by the Justice Minister ofCuracao via the official online licensing authority known as CIGA – or theCuracao Internet Gaming Association.

These authorities primarily provide Master Licenses andjust four organizations – Antillephone NV, Curacao Interactive Licensing NV,Gaming Curacao and Cyberluck Curacao NV – currently hold them. In order to getapproval to ultimately operate, new online casino sites, therefore, have toapply for a sublicense from any of those four bodies. If successful, suchoperators get many of the same rights as those with a Master License.

Only one form of license currently exists in Curacao, sothere is very much a one-size-fits-all approach to getting approval forproviding gambling services.

WhatCountries Can Play On Curacao Casinos?

Online casinos which have been licensed by authorities inCuracao are able to operate across a number of countries, although there aresome notable restrictions. For instance, they are unable to operate in the USA,the UK and Netherlands alongside a few others.

Furthermore, although the license may be accepted in othercountries, the operator may still have to secure a local license for PSPs – orpayment service providers.

How MuchDoes a Curacao Gambling License Cost?

Applying for a Curacao gaming license is not hugelyexpensive when compared to applications for other jurisdictions. Some estimatessuggest the total cost lies somewhere in the region of the $30,000 to $35,000mark, with this including sub-license fees, the cost of submitting a proposaland other additional fees related to matters such as setting up a localbusiness.

While that may seem quite large to some, bear in mind thatCuracao offers favourable tax benefits to operators within its region. Asalready touched upon, there is a tax rate of just 2% on net profits at the timeof writing and this could offer significant long-term benefits to manyoperators as they look to grow and develop their offering.

Is ItSafe and Trustworthy to Play On a Curacao Licensed Casino?

This is not necessarily a straightforward question toanswer. Many doubts and concerns have been raised about services operating outof Curacao in the past, while we have already mentioned the fact that theapproval process that operators go through to secure a license is not quite asstrict as those seen in other leading jurisdictions.

Furthermore, the lack of a body like the UK GamblingCommission overseeing activity means players have less protection than theywould if enjoying games on sites linked to that authority.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that Curacao sites doindeed have to at least meet some basic criteria, while it should be hoped thatlessons have been learned from the problems that have been linked to the areain the past. Ultimately, the best approach to the issue may simply be to doyour own research into specific sites and opt for one which you feel offerseverything you would hope for and expect.

Comparison:Curacao-Licensed Operator vs. UKGC-Licensed Operator

To put the key differences between casino sites operatingin Curacao and the UK into sharp focus, it is well worth contrasting andcomparing what they offer.

UK Gambling Commission-licensed sites have to meet strictcriteria in order to operate, while every effort is also made to ensure thatonly games from reputable providers are on offer. A wide array of differentpayment methods which are proven to be safe and secure are also supported bysuch sites, while they also have a strong track record on anti-money launderingpractices.

In contrast, as we have already touched upon there have been concerns raised in the past regarding the legitimacy of some Curacao online casino services, while other concerns have emerged on issues such as pirated games. However, such sites tend to accept players from a huge number of countries across the globe and are also flexible on payment options, with some notably supporting cryptocurrencies.

FAQ onNon-Gamstop Casinos in Curacao

What Does It Mean ‘To Play On a Curacao Casino’?

Playing on a Curacao online casino means accessing a range of games from slots to live casino titles via a website which is licensed by authorities in Curacao to offer such services.

I Am From The UK, Can I Play On All Curacao-Based Casinos?

UK online casino players can legally access any casinos which are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – including those which also hold a license related to Curacao. As such, if you want to benefit from the protections provided by the UKGC, you should opt for Curacao casinos which also carry that license.

Can I Deposit As Much As I Want?

This may ultimately be dependent on the site that you opt to play on. While some sites may feature a maximum limit on the amount that can be deposited, others may be less stringent when it comes to the issue.

Are All Curacao Casinos Safe?

While a great number of online casino sites which are licensed by authorities in Curacao are completely safe, you should still take care when researching and picking sites to play on. With more relaxed licensing criteria, there have been instances when some less trustworthy providers have slipped through the net.

What Is The Best Curacao Based Casino?

As with many things in life, picking the right online casino site often comes down to personal preference. With that in mind, there is no outright best site and you should do your research to find the one that works best for you.

Are There Many New Curacao Casinos to Try Out?

Exciting new operators licensed by authorities in Curacao are emerging all of the time, so we would suggest that you keep an eye out to see which up and coming sites could be the next big thing in the online casino world.

How Much Bonus Can I Get When I Deposit For The First Time?

Again, the answer to this question ultimately depends on the site that you pick to play on. Curacao online casinos feature a range of different promotions and offers, so take a look at the range of bonuses that are provided and select the one that suits you.

Can I Play All of the Slots I’m Used to From UK-Based Online Casinos?

Most sites with a Curacao license tend to feature titles from a range of leading developers involved in the online casino world. With that in mind, you should find many familiar slot games and other experiences on Curacao sites that you may have already enjoyed on UK-based platforms.

888 Tiger Casino Review

Hailed as one of the tigers in the online casino industry, 888 Tiger Casino certainly looks the part. Despite only being established in 2019 and licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission, the casino has grown to have a wide following. It professes a smooth and elegant theme and its games are powered by the Rival Gaming Software – one of the largest software gaming companies. All games on this not on gamstop site are downloadable or can be accessed via a web browser.

Curacao Online Gambling Commission

888 Tiger Casino Promotions

Welcome bonuses are a thing for most international online casinos. Similarly for 888 Tiger Casino, it offers a pretty generous welcome bonus for its new players. Nevertheless, such bonuses usually comes with certain terms and conditions also known as wagering requirements. These requirements determines the number and amount of bets that one has to follow through before being allowed to withdraw these bonuses.

Our casinos not from UK experts strongly recommend fans of slots to visit 888 Tiger Casino. Boasting a series of three different types of slot games – three-reel classics, five-reel video slots, and special i-slots, players will definitely be spoilt for choice. Each of these slots has its own distinct theme, sound effects, storyline, and features which will provide you with a totally immersive experience. Those who are looking for table games, fret not as there are a large selection for you to choose from as well. There are multiple variants of different table games available as well. Finally, the casino also offers a wide variety of video poker for those who are interested and are looking to have a more surreal poker experience.

Curacao gaming commissioner

250% + 50 FREE SPINS

50% Cashback Over 700 Games VIP care

Accepted T&C Applies 18+

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

There are a whole list of deposit and withdrawal methods that one can choose from including some of the preferred options – MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Visa, Skrill, and Bitcoins. However, do note that different methods may have different fees involved and also differing minimum sums. Do make sure that you have done a check before committing to a single method.

VIP program / Support

The casino currently does not have any VIP program but it makes up with the wholesome selection of games. Do feel free to contact customer service support should you require any assistance. While the team is not available 24/7, their responses are usually pretty quick and hence there should not be any issues.

Pros & Cons

The pros of 888 Tiger Casino includes:

  • Instant Play Available
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Secured with Encryption
  • Wide Selection of Slots and Table Games

The cons of 888 Tiger Casino includes:

  • No Live Chat Feature for Customer Support

Curacao Gaming Commissioner


In conclusion, 888 Tiger Casino is definitely a gaming haven for those who are interested in online casino games, especially slots. The casino has definitely gone all out to cater to the interests and needs of its gamers from all strata. In addition, given its commitment to data protection, they have ensured that all of their sensitive information are encrypted with the latest technology. This allows players to focus more on gaming rather than worrying about the possible leakage of their personal information. Do go ahead and give 888 Tiger Casino a try and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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