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In case you haven't heard of Cleopatra Casino, it is a global network consisting of the Cleopatra Casino Mobile App, our Casino App, and our Cleopatra Casino-iOS App. It allows users to get paid gambling opportunities within seconds using cash, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cleopatra Keno is one of the most exciting and beloved variations of the popular casino game of Keno, and it's now available across all Android platforms! One of the easiest games to understand, as.

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When it comes to Casino games of keno, the Cleopatra Keno app is the most exciting and a preferred of many social game players. It is loved for the fun it gives its players, and all the benefits that come with winning.

Cleopatra Casino Vegas

It is available across all platforms of Android, and this means that a lot of social game lovers will get a chance to enjoy the fun and other rewards that Cleopatra Keno has to offer.

First of all: This app is not a Keno game for real money. If playing Keno on your smartphone for real money winnings is what you are looking for, then please try one of these three apps below (Bovada is the only one that accepts plyers form the USA)

App BonusRatingReviewPlay now
1.Slots Magic app$1.000 welcome bonus9 / 10Review
2.Royal Panda appWelcomebonus $€£ 2009 / 10Review
3.Bovada app$3000 welcome bonus8.9 / 10Review
Cleopatra Casino App

Let’s get back to our review. For starters, this is a very easy game to learn. The tricks are quite easy for the newbies, and you can enjoy a win in your first game. It works very easily, just like a lottery. What you do is to place a bet, mark a few numbers, say 3-10, then wait for a win. The machine will pick 20 random numbers at a go, and this increases your chances of winning. The advantage you get here is that there is a bonus that could give you up to 12 free plays with double payouts if you win and since you have high chances of winning after every pay, you can start counting your wins on your first game!

Play classic 777 slots. Cleopatra Keno app comes with other extras for you:

  • Background music
  • Up to date sound and graphics
  • A complete statistical database that will track all your plays

This is a pay once application, therefore once you pay for the app, you will not be required to purchase anything else or to make in-app purchases of any kind.

Cleopatra Casino App

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Free Cleopatra Casino Game

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