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Hotels near Christchurch Casino, Christchurch on Tripadvisor: Find 15,278 traveller reviews, 31,311 candid photos, and prices for 169 hotels near Christchurch Casino in Christchurch, New Zealand. Players club app. Christchurch casino Players Club app is available at App Store and Google Play for Kiwis. With the app, you can stay connected and from anywhere with their amazing app. The app is working on a loyalty system where you can win daily prizes by scratching or you can stay informed with all casino events and special offers for players.

Are you thinking about taking a gambling trip in the near future, but are overwhelmed by the many options to choose from?

Believe it or not, New Zealand is probably the place for you. Being an English-speaking country, you will have no problem navigating your way through this beautiful and exciting landscape.

  1. CHRISTCHURCH CASINO Currently Christchurch Casino is open as per the below hours. We encourage all visitors to download and register your visit with the Government contact tracing app.
  2. Christchurch Casino is a casino located in Christchurch, New Zealand offering casino games.The 43,998 sq ft (4,087.5 m 2) casino was New Zealand's first when it opened in 1994.The casino operates five hundred slot machines and thirty-four table games. The property has three restaurants and two bars. Entry is restricted to patrons above the age of 20.

The five casinos in New Zealand are Dunedin Casino, Christchurch Casino, SkyCity Auckland, SkyCity Hamilton, and SkyCity Queensland.

Among all of these casinos, the one I want to focus on is the Christchurch Casino in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Christchurch Casino was the very first casino to open in New Zealand in 1994. This 43,998-square-foot establishment has 34 table games and 500 slot machines.

Along with the exciting atmosphere of this top-notch casino, you will be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of New Zealand. Without a doubt, the Christchurch Casino should be at the top of your list of casinos to visit on your next gambling trip.

Here are five reasons why you must visit Christchurch Casino in New Zealand.

1 – A Unique Variety of Table Games Are Available

There is a wide array of table games available to you at Christchurch Casino. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is just a variation of traditional Five-Card Stud Poker. In this style of poker, the players play the dealer instead of each other.

Unlike other types of poker that you may have played, bluffing is not a part of any strategy you can depend on when playing Caribbean Stud. It is a game where you must be able to act quickly and pay attention to what the dealer’s hand is.

The dealer must have an ace and king in order for their hand to qualify. If they do not have at least one of these two cards, then all players get paid even money on their antes. This does not apply to players who have already folded.

Players may also place a $2 side bet at the time of their ante that qualifies them for a progressive jackpot if they happen to have the extra rare hand of a royal flush or four of a kind.

Christchurch Casino App Map

Casino War

Casino War is another appealing table game offered at Christchurch Casino. It is relatively easy and perfect for players who are new to table games.

To start playing, players place a bet before any cards are dealt. Once bets are placed, one card is dealt to each player. If your card happens to be higher than the dealer, then you win. If your card is the same rank as the dealers, then you have the opportunity to “go to war.”

Going to war means that you can place a second bet on a second dealt card. This second wager must be the same as the original wager.

If your second card is higher than the dealer’s second card, then you win. You can also surrender instead of going to war. When both yours and the dealer’s first card are the same rank, you can choose to surrender. When you do this, you will only lose half of your bet, and the other half will be returned to you.

Tai Sai

Ever heard of Tai Sai? It is a very interesting game that is actually based on an ancient Chinese pastime.

This game is played by using three dice and betting on their outcome. Basically, players are just betting on what they think will appear face up on each of the dice.

An example of a bet that pays 180-1 is the Specific Triple. This is where you bet that all three dice will land on the same number. However, you must choose the specific number that you think the dice will land on before they are rolled.

The Any Triple bet is a little bit easier. You don’t have to choose the specific numbers that you think will be rolled, you just bet that they will all be the same no matter what they are. This bet pays 31 to 1.

Money Wheel

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the casino experience or if you are a seasoned casino goer. Money Wheel is both an intriguing and stimulating game for anyone at Christchurch Casino.

Similar to roulette, the money wheel is divided into 52 sections and players bet on one or more sections. There are different odds for each section depending on how many times they appear on the wheel.

2 – Christchurch Casino Is Best for the Passionate Slots Player

Without a doubt, Christchurch Casino has the biggest variety of real money slots available in all of New Zealand. You will have a whopping 500 different slot machines to choose from.

Denominations that are available for these slot machines range from 1 cent to $2. Two floors are filled with these slot machines, which pretty much shows you that this place is slot heaven for anyone that is an avid slots player.

Christchurch Casino also has one of the friendliest staffs you could ever imagine, and they are all too ready to help you navigate through the two-floor mecca of slot machines.

3 – The Christchurch Casino Players Club

There are five levels in the Christchurch Casino Players Club. Let’s take a look at them.


All you have to do to sign up for the Bronze level and start earning casino comps is visit the Players Club Desk.

For every $10 you spend, you will receive 100 points. 100 points is the equivalent to $1. You can earn points from gaming and purchasing food which can also make you eligible for free parking.


Now to qualify for the Silver level, you must earn 4,000 points from gaming within a six-month period. With the Silver level, you will earn 150 points for every $10 you spend. That means you will get $1.50 back for every $10 spent.

Dining offers and gaming promotions are offered to you at this level.


Christchurch Casino App Free

To qualify for this level, you must earn 10,000 points in six months from gaming. At the Gold level, you will earn $2 dollars for every $10 you spend.

Another awesome perk of being a Gold member is that you will get exclusive invites to events and exclusive promotions specific for Gold members only.

Platinum and Black

The Platinum and Black levels are only for the most dedicated of Christchurch patrons and are strictly by invite only.

4 – The Dining and Drink Options Are Abundant

The Monza Sports Bar

The Monza Sports Bar is the perfect place to enjoy great food and drink while watching some live sports.

It has 10 large flat-screen TVs and is located at the top level of the Christchurch Casino. Whether it’s burgers, ribs, or handcrafted pizza, you are sure to find something delicious to eat while watching different sporting events.

The Valley Bar

With live music entertainment on display at the Valley Bar, you can live up the night or catch a quick bite to eat or a drink with traveling companions or the new friends you’re going to meet at Christchurch Casino.

5 – New Zealand Is a Beautiful Country

Whether you are a professional gambler or just love to travel, New Zealand is known to travelers around the world as a stunningly beautiful place to visit. New Zealand is also known for having some of the most down to earth people in the world. You don’t have to be shy, and citizens are more than happy to help you find anything that you are looking for.

There are many different attractions around the Christchurch Casino, which makes it an ideal place to take the whole family.

You can go horseback riding or do some birdwatching, and the zoos and wildlife parks are second to none.

Christchurch Casino App


So, what do you think? As you are planning your next getaway to try out a new gambling spot, do you think that the Christchurch Casino in New Zealand might just be what you are looking for?

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone, or if you want to take the whole family. There is so much to do in the surrounding area of the casino that the family could have a blast while you really dive deep into your gambling ventures.

Of the five casinos that exist in New Zealand, I would have to say that the Christchurch Casino is at the top of the list. Was this article helpful to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Christchurch Casino is a unique, boutique-style gambling paradise located in a bright city with 375,000 inhabitants on the South Island of New Zealand called Christchurch.

When describing the Christchurch Casino, the fact that it is land-based cannot be overemphasized.

Christchurch Casino, located in the heart of the city, was the first land-based casino within New Zealand, established in 1994.

If you want to visit this casino, you should read our full review where we will go through all details, like the number of games, opening hours, rules to follow, restaurants near and other info that you should know before visiting this gambling pride of New Zealand, the Christchurch Casino.

Tip: Try live casino – You are playing against real dealers that are streaming the game directly from the casino!

Interesting facts

The casino, located in the heart of Christchurch city, was architecturally planned to represent and mimic traditional European luxury casinos, such as in Monte Carlo.

From its unique sloped roof and flying saucer design to its chandeliers throughout, this is gorgeous:

  • 44,000 square foot gaming casino with live entertainment
  • four restaurants
  • big-screen television to watch live sports
  • exquisite cocktails

This is an enticing gambling and entertainment complex where you will never feel bored!

How does Kiwi law apply to a casino?

In 2003, New Zealand passed a gambling act, which essentially grandfathered the existing physical casinos in, but stated that no new ones could be licensed.

At the same time, the act gave Kiwis the option to gamble online, but only provided the online casino was not based in the country.

A Kiwi, wishing to engage in gambling, consequently, has the option of going to one of the six physical casinos, or risk depositing their money to play with an out-of-country casino not regulated by the state.

Casino rules

Following gaming authority guidelines, the Casino has a few basic rules including:

  • Guests must be 20-years of age!
  • There is a dress code!
  • Patrons of the casino are expected to drink responsibly!
  • Excessive guest gaming!

Proof of the majority can be proven either with a passport, drivers license, or other documents.

Opening hours

*Important: In order to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Casino allows only three players per table. If you are sick stay home! Casino have new oppening hours. See below.

New Christchurch casino opening hours due to coronavirus.

  • Monday 13:00pm – 23:00pm (1pm – 11pm)
  • Tuesday 13:00pm – 23:00pm (1pm to11pm)
  • Wednesday 13:00pm – 23:00pm (1pm to11pm)
  • Thursday 13:00pm – 23:00pm (1pm to11pm)
  • Friday 13:00pm – 2:00am (1pm to 2am)
  • Saturday 12:00pm – 02:00am (12pm to 2am)
  • Sunday 12:00pm – 23:00pm (12pm to11pm)

Every casino has an opening and closing hours, so and this NZ casino.

Christchurch casino hours are from Monday till Thursday from 11 AM to 3 AM.

Friday Christchurch hours are from morning 11 AM to closing time on Sunday at 3 AM. The casino is open for the whole weekend.

Dress code rules

While dress code in the casino is hardly a black-tie event, patrons are encouraged by the casino to dress up, and torn, dirty, or dishevelled clothes or offensive slogans on shirts are prohibited.

So is the wearing of beanies and steel-capped boots. The casino retains the right to refuse patrons entrance for the unacceptable dress.

Guests should drink in a manner that does not provide an intrusion on other guests in the casino.

The casino has a legal as well as moral duty to be on the lookout for potential gaming addiction.

One way they inhibit problem gaming is to re-establish limits on potential losses and warn patrons when they reach those limits.

Available games

The casino at Christchurch boasts a number of quality features, which large casino gamers who have spent time in Las Vegas or Macau can greatly appreciate.

First, there are games priced for the little guy. A single blackjack hand on the strip in Vegas will cost you a minimum of $10 per hand.

While in this elegant yet homey casino, you can play for as little as $2 per hand.

Another service the Christchurch Casino offers is custom packages for 2 up to a group of 10 people to play together with their own, dedicated dealers.

While these packages are moderately expensive, they offer a degree of customization that the Christchurch Casino provides that you will never see in Las Vegas or Macau.

This makes Christchurch Casino a great choice for corporate events and team building.

Table games


Christchurch Casino offers a number of traditional and untraditional table games.

Christchurch Casino App Download

For example, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are common to most gaming facilities, while exciting variations such as rapid roulette, three-card poker, and Sai Tai, a Chinese dice game are not

Slots – Pokies machines

What would a gaming establishment be without slot machines? Christchurch has nearly 500 one-armed bandits, spread over two floors.

And with the modern graphics and exciting multi-level payouts that slots can provide, this alone is enough to keep the typical pokie player captivated for hours of play.

The home of the poker championship

Christchurch’s Casino is world-renowned for its poker games, and while not everyone knows it, poker plays flock annually to the casino to play for the countries poker championship.

Not in that class? Don’t worry, you can buy-in on Christchurch Casino’s daily poker games for as little as &75.

Player’s club rewards

Christchurch Casino offers five levels of player’s club rewards, the most common being the bronze, silver and gold levels.

By becoming a member of the players club, patrons can get discounts of from 10 to up to 20 per cent on food and drinks, receive special promotions, and become eligible for free or discounted parking.

Restaurants & bars

A boutique-style casino offers great food, and you will be hard-pressed to get bored with the cuisine at this Victoria Park casino.

The pride of the casino, and indeed of Christchurch, is the award-winning Grand Cafe, which offers a lunch, brunch and dinner buffet. Many locals and visitors go to the casino just for the food.

Sports fans, can combine their passion for racing, football or rugby on a giant television screen with their love of good food such as great wings and ribs at the casino’s Monza Sportsbar.

The casino also boasts the Valley Bar for lighter fare, and Cantonese style restaurant, the Chi Kitchen.

Players club app

Christchurch casino Players Club app is available at App Store and Google Play for Kiwis. With the app, you can stay connected and from anywhere with their amazing app.

The app is working on a loyalty system where you can win daily prizes by scratching or you can stay informed with all casino events and special offers for players. Also, all Christchurch casino visitors can check out their account balance with this great app.

How to download Players Club app?

The app is downloaded easily, all you have to is:

  1. Open “Google Play Store” or “App Store”
  2. Type in search “Players Club”
  3. Download
  4. Enter your mobile number and Players Club membership number
  5. Create your own 4-digit pin

If you want to be updated about new Casino events or offers you should enable push notification.


Christchurch Casino is located at 30 Victoria Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand across the popular Asian restaurant Aroy Thai. I

t is not hard to find this land-based casino, but if you have trouble to find it below we have placed you the google map with the exact location of Christchurch casino in New Zealand.


All in all, this is a great place to eat, gamble, watch sports, and enjoy a fine evening of entertainment at a unique, boutique-style, European gaming establishment.

The food is great, and the gaming atmosphere cordial and welcoming.

Frequently asked questions

How many slot machines (pokies) are available to play?

Christchurch casino offers more than 500 slot machines.

When and what events are offered?

On their page, What’s on you will always find current events at Christchurch casino.

Which dress code applies?

Well-groomed and fine clothing style is always a safe card when visiting a casino. However, at Christchurch, you do not have such strict rules so it is perfectly okay to visit even if you want to wear something simpler like jeans.

What are the opening hours?

Mon – Thu 11 am – 3 am Fri 11 am, open all night Sat 24 Hours Sun 24 Hours, Closes 3 am.

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