Casino War Game

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The typical minimum bet is $10. Aria has a $25 minimum. Note that Casino War is a very fast game due to there being no strategy and only one card. The 2.3% (pays 2-1 on tied wars) and 2.9% house edges for this game will add up fast as more than 100 hands an hour can easily be played.

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To wit, a game of Casino War with tie bonus payouts in play offers a 2.06 percent house edge using just one deck, but climbs to 2.24 percent when the decks double, and even jumps to 2.34 percent when an eight deck shoe is used. Casino War is undoubtedly one of the easiest card games to learn and play. If you have ever played traditional war, the same rules apply, the players draw cards, and the highest card wins. Casino War is a casino adaptation of the childrens card game War. War is a game of almost pure chance. The only decision a player has to make is if he should go to war when the dealer and he turn up cards of the same value. To get the best ods the player should always go to War in this scenario. What is Online Casino War? Online Casino War is an easy to understand card game that is made up of chance and skill. It is played between you as the player and the Dealer using six standard decks of 52 cards, with each deck being shuffled after every game. 5 tips for Casino War strategy; Free demo mode to practice the game; Casino War is one of the easiest card games to play online for real money. However, even the simplest Casino games need a strategy to help you minimize the house edge. I know, I know - Even though it sounds much more fun to leave everything to luck, it’s not a smart move if.


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Play Casino War Online - Play For Free Without Any Downloads

Casino War is based on the game many played as children. Each player receives one card face up. The dealer also receives a card. The dealer plays each player. Bettors should have no concern about what cards other players receive as it is each player against the house hand. The highest card wins. The hand is then over and a new hand is dealt.

Casino War Game

A tie creates a war. This is where players must either make a new bet to try and rescue the other or forfeit half of the original bet. If the player wins the war, the original bet pushes and the war bet is paid. Philip rivers children. If the dealer wins, the house takes both bets. Some casinos pay 2-1 if the war ties. Others just pay the normal amount.

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CasinoGameMin BetMax Bet# of TablesVideo
AriaCasino War2510001No
BellagioCasino War1510001No
CosmopolitanCasino War1510001No
ExcaliburCasino War105001No
LuxorCasino War51001No
MirageCasino War1010001No
ParisCasino War52001No
Planet HollywoodCasino War52001No
WynnCasino War1520001No