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Posted : admin On 09.03.2021

You know we have been focusing some of our content on gamification. So we wanted to tackle a topic that has been on our radars for some time. We are talking about avatar casinos. What are they? Where do they come from? Do all online casinos provide avatars? All these topics and more will be answered in this article. We feel that gamification strategies like avatars are the future of online gambling, we are confident that more and more casinos will start adding these styles over time. You know us, we like to analyse everything that’s going on in the industry, so let’s get to it.

What is an avatar casino?

An avatar is a character that represents a user in a specific place, for example, forums or video games. You usually have the freedom to choose amongst different options and select the icon or figure that best represents you. If you saw Avatar the movie, you see how the main character was represented by one of the indigenous tribes in the alien world. In video games, you get a choice of characters to choose from, each one having specific strengths and weaknesses, making you make a decision based on your best strategic option.

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An avatar casino is basically a regular online casino but with the option to select or edit a specific array of characters. When a player creates an account, they are given a choice to choose whatever icon they want others to see them in. Another option is that you a specific icon is provided to you but can be edited in the future. For example, I know of one online casino that will give every player the same avatar, and as you gather points, you can spend it on buying new clothes, weapons or other things to personalize the avatar. Slot 7 casino no deposit bonus codes 2020. It does not matter if the casino focuses on live dealers, online slots, bitcoin gambling, or anything else, this is more of a gamification set up.

Where does this strategy come from?

Implementing these feature in online casinos comes from the popularity of gamification. We know we talk about this concept a lot, but we do it because of how significant of a role they play in retaining a player’s interest. People like have a sense of ownership of something, its common nature to feel this way. So, when you are given an avatar or the chance to edit something that only you can, it creates an additional interest. So internet casinos are slowly catching on that what has been implemented in video games, for example, can be implemented in their product.

When you give a client purpose, you must set it up correctly so its something obtainable. Then you create a sense of achievement which makes a person feel proud of themselves for reaching the goal. So keep in mind that when a casino gives you the chance to edit or create the avatar they chose, then you provide them with purpose and have them come back for more. The chances of a player coming back and continue playing are much more frequent when they have an avatar then when they don’t.

So, to pinpoint the answer to this question, I would say this strategy is explicitly taken from video games. Adventure games usually offer these elements where you make a character and either change their appearance of build up their skills according to your preference.

Do all online casinos provide avatars?

Not at all, I would think there are only a handful of online casinos doing this right now. I do predict that this number is going to double in 2018 and start to be the standardized way to keep customers happy. Once more and more casinos install elements of gamification then it won’t be a unique benefit but more like a must-have.

A similar situation was when casinos started upgrading their customer service with live chat, at first it was unique, and then it became a must. So believe me when I say that avatar will be more and more common as we go along. In 2016 and 2017 we saw a glimpse of the future (much like Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies).

Right now I can mention a few casinos that have these features implemented into their program. We have Casino Heroes that let you choose an avatar when you create an account. Next, we have Fantasino that will give you a preset character and will let you edit him’her as you please. Last we have Ikibu, they send you off on an adventure with an avatar and will have you achieve daily goals for rewards.

Where would I like to see avatar casinos be in the future?


Well, I have lots of ideas of where this concept could develop in the future. I would initially like that when we create an account, we are able to create a modifiable avatar. For example, we can customize the avatar’s gender, the eye colour, the hairstyle, the build, facial hair, etc. It would also be cool that the more you play, the more wardrobes you can purchase for him or her. Meaning that you can start off with a prehistoric wardrobe and as you go along start giving the character fancier shoes or a new shirt. Video games do this to perfection, take for example Grand Theft Auto, they let you go to a clothing shop and buy anything you want.

SlotsMillion has implemented a Virtual Reality feature where you can stroll around a virtual casino as a character. I think the next step here is to actually have the opportunity to see all characters currently online through VR.

Casino 4 Avatar

Another attractive addition would be to be able to take your photograph and scan your face. This means that the character given to you will have your scanned face, providing a more realistic look to it. These are just ideas, but it wouldn’t hurt to dive into the possibilities. Who knows, we might be seeing one of these in an online casino near you!

Closing Thoughts

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So there you have it, our article about avatar casinos. The realm that we think will be the future of online gambling. We give props to the online brands that have already implemented the process or are currently working on ideas. Betivity thinks this is a game changer. Think of us as time travellers that went back in time to let you know where online casinos are headed. Since we are travelling from the future, log into your favourite casino and bet on number 20 at live roulette. We are kidding on the last bit. Take care!