Caesar's Empire Slots

Posted : admin On 03.03.2021

Caesar’s Empire is themed after the Roman empire unsurprisingly. That means the slot game comes loaded with Roman figures such as coins, the coliseum, sword and shield, bowls of fruits and more. The symbols all fit the theme nicely, but they’re a bit too generic-looking for our tastes. Caesar's Empire Tip 1: The free spins bonus offers 10 spins and prizes are doubled. However, if you get 1-5 scatters, you get free spins and that will increase the bonus exponentially. Caesar's Empire Tip 2: Caesar's Empire slot machine is game of chance and each spin is completely independent of the other. Even though getting the Jackpot is.

Caesar’s Empire was created by Real Time Gaming in 2006. This company provides complete digital solutions, which develops software for download-based games. It uses an RTG experience in all of its software. In the Caesar’s Empire slot review, we’ll overview one of the most popular slots presented on GW Casino website.

First, it’s impossible to even imagine our casino platform without a variety of different slots. But alongside the variety of exciting and somewhat complicated games, the slots like Caesar’s Empire remain our main attractions.

It can be explained by a huge choice of game options, where plots and scenery are always changing. Besides, a lot of our customers gamble to relax and let go of the stress after a hard-working day, so they don’t want to rack their brains while playing poker or other table games where you need a strategy.

Now let’s start with the basics of Caesar’s Empire itself:

Max/min Bet:$0.20–$5
Coin Values:$0.01–$0.25
Max Jackpot:7,500 for 4 Cleopatras & 1 Caesar
Bonus Features:10 Free Spins at 2X Multiplier

How to Start Playing Caesar’s Empire

What is usually good about online casinos is that you can enjoy the games instantly without any downloadable content. GW casino allows you to play the famous Caesar’s slots machine using the instant play feature.

You can get a free demo round but remember to register first. If you want to start wagering real money, enter your information and sign up. This way your winnings will stay with you.

If you want to enjoy a game while commuting, you can use a mobile version.

Placing Bets in Caesar’s Empire

So Caesar’s Empire coin value starts from $0.01 and ends with $5 which means that your smallest wager is 20 cents and the biggest – $5. You can decide on the size of your stake and change the bet with the help of arrows near the ‘BET’ button.

Tips for Empire Newbies

No matter the game, there are some tips and recommendations to help the players. This is also the case for many slots. For all its newbies:

  • get some information before playing. At least gather the info about the main symbols to know what to expect during the game;
  • try the free demo version first. This way you’ll receive the gist and won’t lose anything;
  • try to stay in a game longer. The slot has a progressive jackpot feature and its number increases as long as you continue playing.

Slot’s Gameplay Elements

Caesar’s Empire game is representing the Ancient Roman era. It has the original graphics and theme which can make you travel back in time and live somewhere by the Aqueduct. The game doesn’t feature any video or soundtracks, however, it has a few sounds like the sound of a trumpet when you get rare icons. Other sound effects appear when the reel stops, etc. In general, the sound design is very common for the Real Time Gaming slots in general and historically-themed games in particular.

Interface Overview

The main buttons are located below the reels:

  • Bet button – is used to set and change your bet;
  • Spin – is responsible to twiddle the wheel manually;
  • Autoplay – have it spinning automatically but on the conditions you select;
  • Lines – or choosing the number of lines (max – 20).

The pictures show the interface in Fun play, which means it’s free. You can change it and play with the real money by using the ‘Switch to Real Money’.

Looking closely, you can also find your balance, which shows the funds on your account, Cashier which allows you to put and withdraw money, see the past transactions, and redeem your coupons.

There are also buttons ‘Menu’, ‘Help’, and ‘Back’ to help you navigate through the game and get some assistance if needed.

Extra Games

Except for the main game the machine has an extra level – a bonus round. It is activated when you get Caesar & Coliseum simultaneously on reel 5. It features 10 free turns and you can receive an additional 5 with every next one if Caesar appears. Coliseum in this case also turns into Caesar or Cleopatra and also gives 5 more spins each time.

It will also give you an opportunity to increase the jackpot value since it gets bigger as you keep playing.

Reward-bringing Symbols

The basic character set of any slot game is about 10-12 images. They make up paid combinations. The player knows in advance for which chains of identical pictures he will receive the max score, and which ones don’t get him any prizes.

Special characters stand out. Appearance of any such icon on the field is a huge feast for the player. No matter how many symbols appear, you can count on a worthy prize in every case. There are only two rare marks: wild and scatter. That’s what is called a winning combination and brings the biggest possible yield. Their function is to offer the player additional options.

Other symbols include:

  • ancient sword and shield;
  • war helmet;
  • a dish of fruit;
  • card symbols, etc.

Also, getting Caesars on the reels with other symbols like Cleopatra, fruit bowl, etc. multiplies your winnings 3 times. So instead of a maximum of 2,500 points, you get 7,500!

Card Symbols

Besides special symbols, there are also regular ones that also give wins. Card symbols like 9, 10, Jack, and Queen give 100 points if you collect 5 of them. Kings & Aces can give 125. Other symbols include a dish of fruit (150 points), sword and shield (200), helmet (500).

Winning Combos

It is a common situation in many games, when card marks give you the lowest prizes, compared to the special ones. However, in this slot, card marks have some combos besides their initial value. For example, if you get five Ace cards in a row, you get as much as 125 points. If fortune is your friend, you will be able to complement those with wild marks to triple your wins!

Slot’s Wilds & Scatters

Dragon fire slot game. Everybody knows that the rare marks are the most pleasant part of the game because they give the most winnings and excitement.

For example, a wild symbol can replace any mark. It becomes significant when you are missing only one mark to get a successful combo. Wild comes to your aid.

The scatter symbol has more versatile functions since it is your pass to the bonus round. As a rule, the player gets from 7 to 15 free rolls.

The special characters set the tone for the whole experience. The more non-standard the slot machine, the more interesting the extra free round will be.

Caesars Slots Cheats


Let’s start with the most important icon – Caesar. It’s a wild mark, which can substitute all the other ones, excluding the scatter one. This symbol shows on reels 1, 2, 3, and 4 and grants points (from 1 to 2,500) by appearing on them. Caesar symbol is also a multiplier that triples your winnings.


The scatter here is the Coliseum. It has several functions – in combination with Caesar wild symbols on reels 5 they open the bonus game giving 10 free games with a multiplier by 2x. It also provides you with a bonus payout when it appears twice on the reels. The more Coliseums you get – the more points you receive. Getting five Coliseums can multiply the total bet by 100.

Other High-paying Slot Symbols

Besides the special symbols, other ones can bring impressive jackpots:


Cleopatra itself gives you 2 points from appearing 2 times – and to 2,500 points from showing 5 times. In combination with a wild Caesar symbol, all the winnings increase by three times, so instead of 2 500, you get 7,500!


The Helmet symbol’s initial value is 2 – to 500 points. Together with Caesar, it can give from 6 to 1,500 points.

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield give a player from 2 to 200 points, which makes it 6-600 if you get it together with the Caesar symbol.

Fruit Bowl

A fruit bowl is the lowest one of these high-paying symbols. It delivers 2-150 points and in combination with Caesar – 6-450 accordingly.

Best slots come with extra bonuses

Another attractive feature of this game is the ability to play just for free. That’s right, you can try out the game without betting your money. To do this, you can get free coins in one click and try the game before moving on to real rates.

In addition, Caesar’s Empire does not lag behind the competition and therefore offers its players free spins. In order to get such an opportunity, you need to have Caesar’s coin on the first reel, and the Coliseum symbol on the fifth. As soon as this happens, you will have access to the extra round with 10 unpaid spins.

By playing these rounds, you won’t be able to get the Coliseum again (it is replaced by the image of Cleopatra), but Caesar’s coins are still here, they can appear on the fifth reel.

What does it give you? The fact is that after each such appearance of Caesar, you additionally get 5 spins to the total amount remaining with you. Your winnings in these rounds are doubled, and considering the above, you can use free turns for a very long time and win good prizes.

The maximum win can be obtained if you receive 5 symbols of Caesar or Cleopatra and it will be 2,500. Thus, having caught such luck in the bonus round, you can leave with a win of 5,000.

Ways to Win the Empire’s Riches

Another amazing feature you’ll see in the game is jackpots. It has two of them: fixed and progressive ones. The first one includes landing five Cleopatras for 2,500 points. Then, if you also land a Caesar, your payout will be increased by 3, which will give you 7,500 points. This is a regular fixed jackpot available in most slots in a similar form.

Another one is a progressive jackpot. It means that you don’t have to get any special symbols or their combination. It is activated randomly at the end and you never know if you’ll be lucky enough to receive it. However, the possible jackpot amount accumulates with playing. The amount on the meter increases with each spin you make, which means – the longer you play – the bigger your possible win may be.

A Final Look at Caesar’s Empire Slot

After reading this article you probably already have a pretty good impression of what this slot is. To summarize all the info, let’s look at the pros/cons list.


  • great RTP percentage of 97.5%
  • special symbols
  • accumulative jackpot
  • bets options, etc.


  • mediocre graphics and sound
  • jackpot’s unpredictability

A Word of Caution

Before proceeding to play you have to always remember about gambling risks and play responsibly. For example, please:

  • never give your personal info to a site you don’t trust. Especially, don’t give it your bank card number;
  • always check if the platform has a corresponding license to conduct such activities;
  • set the maximum sum of spending without it harming your budget;
  • check the reviews and its overall rating at least before you put any funds on your account;
  • take breaks and enjoy the excitement these games provide you with.

Frequently Asked Questions about Caesar’s Empire


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the slot:

  • Yes, it has two jackpot types – fixed one and progressive one.

  • Yes, you are supposed to create an account but you can do it using your Facebook or e-mail.

  • Does this slot provide an opportunity for a no-deposit free round?
    Yes, you can choose a demo version after the registration to play the game for free without any deposits required.

Caesar’s Empire – Slot Game Review

The symbols used in this video slot game include Cleopatra, Coliseum, Caesar, Helmet, Shield, Fruits, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine.

The jackpot of 7,500 credits is obtained when 1 Caesar and 4 Cleopatra symbols appear on an active pay-line. 4 Caesar symbols or 5 Cleopatra symbols will get you to receive a second jackpot of 2,500 credits while 5 Helmet symbols will get you to receive a third jackpot of 1,500 credits.

The wild symbol used in the Caesar’s Empire video slot is the Caesar symbol that substitutes all other symbols to create a winning combination with the exception of the scatter symbols. The wild symbol in combination with the scatter symbol activates the bonus round. All combinations completed by the wild symbol are tripled.

The scatter symbol used in this video slot game is the Coliseum symbol and it activates the bonus round. The scatter symbol acts as a multiplier with multiples of 1, 3, 10, or 100 when you hit 2,3,4,5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The bonus round is triggered when 1 or more wild symbols appear on 1,2,3,4 reel and the scatter symbol on the 5th reel. Once triggered, you receive an initial of 10 free spins, and addition 5 free spins can be awarded during this session. During the bonus round, all winning combinations are doubled.

In addition, Caesar’s Empire video slot offers a random progressive jackpot. During your game play, you can be very lucky to be awarded with the progressive jackpot and the win will be rapidly.

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