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Posted : admin On 15.02.2021

The sports gambling world is ultimately evolving in technology by the invention of Bitcoin. Because of this, the sports’ betting becomes even more convenient for the players by including alternative payment methods. The gamblers can easily gamble using their e-wallets, credit cards, smart cards, etc.

Recently, a new payment method, i.e., of Bitcoin, has been attracting players worldwide. Numerous online sports betting sites offer the BTC cryptocurrency payment option that gamblers are availing benefits from. All the gambles have to do is get access to a Bitcoin gambling site, sign up, and begin betting.

Best Bitcoin Betting Sportsbooks

The most famous Bitcoin sportsbooks have been enlisted below. To make it easier to choose the best out of all, we have given the review of the sports betting sites below as well. So, choose the one that excites you and withdraw/deposits using Bitcoin. Also, while keeping all the other factors in mind, make sure to pick a Bitcoin sportsbook with significant bonus amounts.

Placing Bets on Sports with BTC

Using bitcoins for betting on sports is a lot easier than you think. It’s why most sportsbooks now accept it and sometimes even offer larger bonuses for customers who commit to crypto sports betting over using traditional fiat currency. The basics of bitcoin betting are quickly becoming second nature for both sportsbooks and the players that use them. BTC sports Betting is a way of maintaining complete anonymity. Bitcoinsports Betting is a form of betting that could have developed thanks to providing players with the highest standards in terms of protecting their privacy. By playing this way, you get benefits such as:.

The popularity of Bitcoin is evident from its full application in all other fields like businesses, healthcare, education, etc. Nowadays, gamblers from any corner of the world place bets on a wide variety of sports games present online and pay effortlessly using Bitcoins. Though Esports is one of the most famous among players who wish to make Bitcoin payments, for this reason, the Bitcoin sportsbooks have a specific category for the esports with thousands of exciting sports games to bet on.

As a matter of fact, with the rise of Bitcoin usage in sports betting, the competition among Bitcoin sportsbooks is also increasing. Thus, it gets mind-bending for the players to choose and which sports betting site is right for them. So to solve this problem, we have listed the top sports betting sites above.

All you need to do is pick the right Bitcoin sportsbook and start betting on your favorite games! Keep in mind that we update the list according to the changes in these Bitcoin gambling sites. Hence, with us, you will always stay updated about your favorite online gambling sites.

Bitcoin – A Competitive Advantage in Sports Betting

Undoubtedly, adding Bitcoin to sports betting has made it a lot more convenient than it ever was. With Bitcoin, the players can gamble without worrying about the currencies of different countries. There are no border restrictions on Bitcoin gambles.

Btc sports betting

Also, gambling can be done from any corner of the world, be it Asia or America. Only a few countries have laws against Bitcoin betting. However, to avoid risks, before joining an online sports betting site, have a look at the rules and regulations of their country regarding Bitcoin.

In addition to that, one great advantage of Bitcoin is that the gamblers do not have to rely on intermediator for transactions. There are direct Bitcoin transactions that are timely and economical without intermediaries. Additionally, Bitcoin is based on Blockchain technology, which provides a secure base.

With transactions backed up by Blockchain, the transactions are visible. Therefore, the fraud risks that come along with online payment options eliminate. Bitcoin sports’ betting proves to be reliable, transparent, and safe for the players. All sportsbooks even keep track of the players’ betting activities, ensuring gamblers’ security. But despite the security, the gamblers need to use secure methods themselves to avoid hacking their personal information.

Personal Privacy via Blockchain Technology

Securing personal privacy is of the utmost importance when playing online. One way you can differentiate between a good and a bad sports betting site is by looking whether it asks for private information or not. Using personal information is not a must while making transactions on the majority of good Bitcoin sportsbooks.

Surprisingly, some gambling sites even allow depositing and withdrawing of Bitcoin using the IP address only. So there is no need to put any personal details, which enhances safety. With Bitcoin, place a bet now without revealing your identity within a few seconds.

One of the most significant advantages of Bitcoin gambling over fiat gambling is that prices are volatile. The player will earn big when prices of coins are high in the market and will make less when the Bitcoin prices are low, unlike the fiat currencies which have fixed rates without any increase or decrease in the prices.

For this reason, people find Bitcoin gambling more exciting and thrilling. Also, keep in mind to play smartly when the value of Bitcoin is less. Hence, watch out the Bitcoin market for price changes and gamble accordingly.

Also, as the Bitcoin sportsbooks run automatically so there the cost of staffing is eliminated. I am wondering then why lower running costs of these sportsbooks essential are?

So, if the sportsbooks have higher running costs, then the gambling site will most probably offer less winning amount on bets. On the other hand, in case of low running costs, the site owners will be motivated to give better odds. Gambling online has a lot of advantages, and one of them is no fees, like in real-time casinos.

The immense admiration and application of Bitcoin in the sports betting industry are evident. So why are you waiting? Go and sign up for free on the best sportsbooks mentioned to enjoy the best sports betting experience!


Coin master spins free daily. What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are blockchain-based digital currencies that have cryptographic encryptions. The transactions of Bitcoins are online from the comfort of homes. Also, one benefit of using Bitcoin is that governmental participation is not there. People can quickly, safely, and anonymously withdraw and deposit bitcoins.

One can send and receive transactions from office, home, school, etc. without visiting banks. So, the Bitcoin payments have a lot of benefits over the traditional ones. It is why gamblers couldn’t resist making Bitcoins part of the gambling world.

Can Players from USA Bet in Bitcoin Sportsbooks?

Like different countries have different rules for online betting, so is the case for the USA. Although the majority of states do not allow gambling online, yet many gambling sites allow players from the US. To discover if the sportsbooks allow USA players, look below the sportsbooks.

Then based on the location, the site will tell if you can join the game. We expect that the laws against online gambling might change in the future. Don’t worry; we will update you in case of any changes in the USA policies for online betting. Every player must check the policies of their region regarding Bitcoins.

To point out, the USA repealed the restriction on online sports betting in May 2018. As a result, many sports bookmakers began operating legally in different states. Know more in our article: Will PASPA Benefit Bitcoin Sports Bettors?

How to Deposit Bitcoin?

Firstly, for Bitcoin transactions, select an appropriate Bitcoin wallet from so many options available. The different types of free wallets are online storage and cold storage wallets that are found online. Secondly, reach out to a Bitcoin exchange to buy BTC, for example, Lastly, visit the Bitcoin sportsbook you wish to gamble on, follow the steps to deposit Bitcoins and start betting within seconds.

Do Sportsbooks Ask for personal ID?

The majority of Bitcoin betting sites do not ask for any personal information of the gamblers. So, an excellent site never asks you to provide details like personal ID even while withdrawing/ depositing funds. Hence, players prefer Bitcoin payments because of their anonymity.

How can Players Know that the Sportsbook is Reliable?

Though there are scam sites, there is no doubt on the sports betting sites given above. The enlisted online gambling websites are 100% reliable and legal. The sportsbooks have made the sites available based on their experience and expertise in the gambling world.

Moreover, these sites track every Bitcoin activity from the deposits to getting funds back in wallets. The reviews given below the Bitcoin sportsbooks will further assist you in picking the best Bitcoin gambling site. Despite all this, make sure to have a look at the license of the online casino before signing up.

  • Betting Type

Betting on sports using Bitcoin has become a lot simpler than you can imagine. Recently, sportsbooks have been more accepting of Bitcoin bets and even give out larger bonuses for users who use cryptocurrencies, opposed to those who stick to traditional currencies. It’s also much nicer being able to both play and win in BTC.

We list the Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

#1 – Sports Betting

A global leader in offering world class sports betting, they offer multiple cryptocurrency deposit options including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM).

#2 – Bet Online

Bet Online has an impeccable reputation and they have achieved this by offering some of the best customer service in the world, along with great odds. You can wager in BTC, and they offer options to wager on nearly any sporting event that you can think of. They also offer all new players a generous sign-up bonus. Also check out the great casino games.

#3 – Cloud Bet

If you are looking for a safe and reputable bitcoin casino with multiple betting options, including sports betting and esports this is your best option.

You can literally bet on every major sporting event including NFL & NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, MLB, NHL as well as boxing, rugby, MMA, and much more.

This is by far the best bitcoin focused sportsbook.

USA Prohibited.

#4 – Bovada

This is one of the oldest sports books in the world, and they were also one of the first to focus on offering bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. A clear favorite Bovada offers betting on all of your favorites sports, they also offer a world class casino, poker rooms, live dealers, and much more.

Btc Sports Betting Odds

#5 – GT Bets

This is another solid option for players who are want to wager on sports using Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrency. This is a smaller outfit than the others that we recommend, the benefit of this is they really go out of their way to offer the best in customer service, and they always aim to payout winnings as fast as possible. Make sure to checkout the promotions page.

The Basics of Bitcoin Sports Betting

Players must comprehend the fundamentals of crypto-currency betting before they even place their bets. There is a wide variety of bets you can choose from, each of them having its own pros and cons based on their type, wage and value. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Moneyline
  • Parlays
  • Props
  • Point Spread
  • Futures
  • Live Bets

Moneyline: Choose the Winner

The most straightforward way to get into Bitcoin sports betting is Moneyline. The player receives a payout that is directly linked to the result of the event that is happening. The odds are expressed with fractions, decimals or American odds. We will use American style round the entire post, to keep things most understandable.

American odds detail what it would take for the player to win a certain amount of money on a particular bet. Imagine that the Super Bowl is happening and the player wants to win 100$. Odds are usually displayed as:

Pittsburgh Steelers (-200) vs. Dallas Cowboys (+180)

This means that if the player wants to win the 100$, they are required to place a 200$ bet in favor of the Steelers. In contrast, if the Cowboys win and the player has bet on them, they get paid out a sum of 180$.

Sportsbooks root the payouts by the current trends across the betting market; this is the reason why the payouts are much less than the bets themselves.

Parlay: Stacking Up Wins

Parlay betting allows the player to stack up games in order to enlarge their win. Usually, up to three games are required to place a parlay bet. The player can also use point spreads and moneylines to be stacked on a parlay.

While the payouts are generally larger, the only downside is that the player needs to win all the bets in order to be paid out.


“Props” or propositions bet means that the player bets on a certain occurrence of the event, not the result of the event itself. For example, the player can bet that Dak Prescott can score 25 points in a game or whether Andy Dalton does around 23 passes.

Point Spread: Marginal Winners or Losers

The catch of this type of bet is to bet on a game with even odds, meaning that the favorite needs to win by a certain amount while the underdog needs to lose by an even amount. If we use the game from the previous example, the bet would look like this:

Pittsburgh Steelers +3.4 (+130) vs. Dallas Cowboys -3.4 (-130)

For the player to win 100$, they need to place a 130$ bet. At the same time, the Steelers need to win by at least 4 points to ensure that the bet is won; if the Cowboys lose by 4 points or less, the player is also paid out.

This type of betting is especially popular with NFL and NBA games, because it is really easy to assume the favorite and the underdog on an even playing field.

Futures: Future Wins

By the title of the bet, it is obvious that the player bets on a prediction that is in the far future.

For example, you can bet on a certain NBA team to take the crown in the next championship:

Chicago Bulls +420

Meaning that if you place a 100$ bet, you can be paid out a sum of 420$. The downside being, that any other team can win the championship, leaving your bet to a loss

Choices of Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals

Btc Sports Betting App

Generally, sites that allow crypto-currency betting enables players to continue wagering on their preferred sports; to keep things simple they usually cite BTC bets in dollars. Because of this, the sites protect the players from price swings that go up to 30%, as well as offering them larger payouts, sometimes even higher than 200%.

Using Bitcoin on sportsbooks is really easy. Firstly, you need to buy Bitcoins from your credit card, which can be simply done with exchanges such as Kraken or Coinbase. Once you have the coins, you transfer them to the sportsbook’s crypto wallet address. Transactions usually cost a couple of cents, and they appear on the sportsbook almost instantly. This process can be easily done through mobile apps or websites.

The only thing you need to note is that bitcoins trade to 12 decimals, in contrast to traditional currencies trade to 2. It is possible that sometimes a transaction can be completely free, but most sites limit users to a minimum and maximum exchange amount for deposits and wagers as well.

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