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Streamlined Case Files

Enjoy a guided experience that connects the dots for you. With MerusCase, associated contacts, cases, assignments, and documents are intrinsically linked and tagged by type, so you can navigate efficiently and find what you need quickly. Keep track of your case status and caseload, and use one of our comprehensive reports to get a bird's-eye view.

Form & Template Auto-population

Auto-populate entire documents and court forms in a single click! Merge case information (including client names and addresses, case numbers, case notes, and more) into PDF court forms or Word documents, and quick-save your final copy directly into its corresponding case file.

Batch Scanning

Staying organized is tough when you’re drowning in paperwork, but MerusCase is here to help. Scan and upload thousands of papers at once, and our internal processors will organize them into separate single and multi-page documents which you can easily link to your case files.

Predictive Searching

Find what you’re looking for, every time. Our predictive turbo-caching algorithms will locate relevant results before you even finish typing! If you can’t remember a document name, use our stackable search filters to condense and reorganize your search results, or use our Global Search tool to scan each document’s contents and preview the ones that fit your criteria.

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In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 27 January 2021. In Press, Corrected Proof, Available. BASIC CREMATION: $1,295. This is our fully inclusive package for Direct Cremation, which includes the cremation, the cremation fee, all transportation, the cremation container, temporary urn, and a $50 urn credit. Streamlined Case Files Enjoy a guided experience that connects the dots for you. With MerusCase, associated contacts, cases, assignments, and documents are intrinsically linked and tagged by type, so you can navigate efficiently and find what you need quickly. The mission of the Coatesville Area School District, rich in diversity and committed to excellence, is to create innovative educational experiences which are funded by the taxpayers, supported by the community, delivered by dedicated teachers and administrators, to ensure all students will become responsible, contributing global citizens.

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Free ncaa basketball computer picks. The dates of the digital images displayed for Community Corrections offenders represent the dates these images were recorded in our database. These dates may not be the actual dates the digital images were taken. Digital images of inmates could also reflect dates that are not precisely the dates when these images were taken.

The accuracy of the information in other links, such as other states' departments of corrections is not guaranteed by the Kansas Department of Corrections. It has been developed by individual agencies. In the event there is any discrepancy in the information provided, please contact the agency of origin.

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The information contained on the KASPER website, including the list of offenders on absconder status, is updated each working day. However, the status of an offender may change from the time the information is updated and the time you access it. Therefore, the list of absconders, while a potentially useful reference, is valid for the preceding working day only.

Brian Ortega Website

Anyone with information regarding any person listed as a parole absconder, any other person listed on KASPER website, or any other criminal activity, is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement authorities or the KDOC Enforcement, Apprehensions, and Investigations Unit at 785-296-1230