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Posted : admin On 08.03.2021

Bovada Rewards is also a way to receive cashback rewards for those who have net losses inside of the online casino. The rewards program consists of tiers or levels in which players who participate inside the casino are given a chance to collect more points and move up to higher tiers. Tournaments cost one or two points to enter. You can earn points by first completing surveys and additional product offers. Using these points you can play game for money. Once you earn $20 in rewards, you can receive a cash payment and earn an additional cash reward for taking a picture of your check.

Bovada Casino is rewarding all the players for their loyalty with its Loyalty Reward Program. Keep enjoying the thrilling gaming collection at this online casino and get rewarded in the form of Loyalty Points which can be exchanged for cash prizes. All you have to do is continue enjoying your favorite games at the casino and the Reward Points will be automatically added to your account. Redeem the points whenever you want to win cash credits directly to your casino account.

Follow These Easy Steps to Claim This Promotional Offer:

  • Log in to your Bovada casino account and enjoy the exciting online gaming collection.
  • Go to the rewards portal and then click on 'Get My Bonus'.
  • Choose the number of Reward Points you want to redeem.
  • You have an option to redeem either all the Reward Points or a portion out of them.
  • The exchange rate for Loyalty Points per USD depends on the Loyalty level and can lie any where from 2500 points per USD in the starter level to 1000 points per USD in Hall of Fame.

Loyalty Points

  • You will be rewarded with Loyalty points every time you play at this online casino.
  • Every time you make a transaction at Bovada Casino, two types of points are credited to your account at a similar rate:

- Tier Points : These points can not be exchanged for cash prizes but help you move up the reward levels.
- Reward Points: These points can be exchanged for cash prizes any time you want.

  • After you earn the maximum number of Reward Points you will be able to be a part of the exclusive Red Room at Bovada.
  • The Loyalty Rewards can be redeemed for exciting cash prizes anytime you want.
  • The offer is valid only for the existing players at the casino.
  • The cash prize credited in exchange of Loaylty Points will depend on the number of Loyalty Points redeemed.
  • Reward points are not rewarded for play using bonus money.
  • Rewards points are automatically added to your account every time you make a transduction at the Casino.
  • Unused reward points if any, will be removed from your account after 12 months of being credited.
  • The number of reward points earned while playing different games may vary and can be checked in the table given below:
Game/Wager TypeWager AmountRewards points per dollar in handle
Video Poker$11
Table Game$11
Single deck blackjack$11
Double deck blackjack$11
Slot Game$15

Wagering Requirements :

  • A minimum wagering of 10 times has to be completed on all the winnings made using the bonus cash.
  • Wagering contribution of different games vary and should be checked before you decide which game to play.

Bovada Casino is widely regarded as one of the top online casinos for American players. It has a massive range of high-quality casino games, including live dealer blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

This guide will take a look into the many benefits of joining the Bovada Casino VIP program. If you’d like a more in-depth look into the casino games and any additional information consider checking out our complete review of Bovada Casino.

Bovada Casino VIP Program – Pros and Cons

We always like to give you a summary of the pros and cons of every casino VIP program we review. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a VIP at Bovada.

  • Earn points on casino games, sports betting, and poker
  • Invitations to real-world events for high rollers
  • Clear structure to the VIP program
  • You won’t earn Reward Points for playing live dealer games
  • Huge numbers of points needed to unlock top VIP levels

How to Join the Bovada Casino VIP Program

The good news is that you’ll become a Bovada VIP as soon as you sign up. Every player is automatically entered into the Bovada Casino VIP program from the very first bet. We like this because it means even players who wager smaller stakes can earn Bovada loyalty points and real money bonuses. These points accumulate to provide you with rewards and prizes down the road.

In short, you don’t need to jump through any hoops to get into the Bovada loyalty club. All you have to do is sign up, play your favorite casino games, and enjoy yourself. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Bovada Casino VIP Rewards Program Structure

Push in football betting. While everybody is welcome in the Bovada VIP Club, there are exclusive benefits for players who reach the higher levels of the program. Here’s a summary of the Bovada Casino VIP program structure.

StatusLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Starter0 Tier Points required – 2,500/$1 redemption rate.N/AN/A
Rookie2,500 Tier Points required – 2,500/$1 redemption rate.5,000 Tier Points required – 2,500/$1 redemption rate.10,000 Tier Points required – 2,500/$1 redemption rate.
Pro25,000 Tier Points required – 1,666/$1 redemption rate.40,000 Tier Points required – 1,666/$1 redemption rate.60,000 Tier Points required – 1,666/$1 redemption rate.
All-Star150,000 Tier Points required – 1,250/$1 redemption rate.250,000 Tier Points required – 1,250/$1 redemption rate.500,000 Tier Points required – 1,250/$1 redemption rate.
Legend1,000,000 Tier Points required – 1,000/$1 redemption rate.1,500,000 Tier Points required – 1,000/$1 redemption rate.2,500,000 Tier Points required – 1,000/$1 redemption rate.
Hall of Fame5,000,000 Tier Points required – $1,000/$1 redemption rate.N/AN/A
Note: You climb through the Bovada Casino VIP program levels by earning Tier Points. These aren’t to be confused with Reward Points, which are the currency of the loyalty program.

We also need to cover the rate at which you earn Reward Points. You’ll earn different rates for playing specific casino games, and you can also earn them for betting on sports or playing poker since the platform is an all-in-one Bovada gambling site.

  • Every $1 wagered on video poker earns 1 Reward Point.
  • For every $1 you wager on table games, you’ll earn 1 Reward Point.
  • Every $1 wagered on slots earns 5 Reward Points.
  • When you wager $1 on specialty games, you’ll earn 15 Reward Points.
  • If you wager $1 on sports singles, you’ll earn 1 Reward Point.
  • Wagering $1 on sports teasers will earn you 15 Reward Points.
  • Wager $1 on sports round robins to earn 25 Reward Points.
  • Similarly, a $1 wager on sports parlays earns 25 Reward Points.
  • Racebook straight wagers earn you 40 Reward Points per $1 wagered.
  • Exotic racebook bets earn Reward Points at a rate of 60 per $1 wagered.
  • If you play cash poker games, you’ll earn 15 Reward Points per dollar of rake.
  • Participate in poker tournaments to earn 15 Reward Points per dollar of fees.
  • Play poker sit and go games to earn 1.5 points per $1 of buy-in.

As you can see, it might be in your interest to place a few exotic bets here and there. You can really rack up the points quickly when you do.

You might have noticed that you don’t earn Reward Points for playing live dealer games. That’s just one of the rules in the Bovada Casino VIP loyalty program.

Bovada Casino Loyalty Rewards

As well as the Reward Points mentioned above, that you can trade in for bonus cash at any time you see fit; the Bovada VIP Club offers some extra rewards.

  • You can get your own private manager; no more dealing with the regular customer service team.
  • Make it to the “Red Room,” and you’ll get double the rewards, express payouts, and weekly deposit bonuses.
  • You may also be invited to Red Room events such as Bovada VIP parties and events.

It’s good to see some “real world” rewards mixed in with the loyalty points. This is enticing for true high rollers who’ll make it into the Red Room in no time.

How To Use Reward Points On Bovada

Bovada Casino VIP Final Verdict

Bovada Reward Points Reddit

The Bovada Casino VIP program is one of the best casino VIP clubs we’ve reviewed. American players don’t always have access to the top casino sites, but in this case, you will have access to one of the best casino VIP clubs online.

If you bet big, bet often, or both, we highly recommend becoming a Bovada VIP. It’s a solid return on investment.

Bovada Casino VIP Program FAQ

Bovada Reward Points Rewards

  • Will I Still Get Loyalty Points If I Bet With Bitcoin at Bovada?

    Yes. We read the small print, and there’s nothing to indicate the exclusion of Bitcoin. No matter what payment method you use, you’ll be eligible for rewards with the Bovada Casino VIP program.

  • Why Do Slots and Specialty Games Pay Back So Much More?

    These games have a higher house edge than table games or video poker. Because the casino makes more on these games, it can afford to be more generous with VIP rewards.

  • Can I Play Casino Games, Bet on Sports, and Play Poker With One Bovada Account?

    Yes, you can. You’ll only need one account to access all three of these services. You can accumulate Bovada Reward Points by wagering on any of them, and you can cash them out whenever you feel like it.