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Posted : admin On 07.03.2021

BetPhoenix is Sportsbook, Live Casino, Virtual Casino, Lottery & Racebook. It only takes a deposit of $300 or more to get started at, and of course, This giant offer does come with a large 20X rollover, but is the largest bonus on.

  1. Betphoenix Sportsbooks Bet Phoenix
  2. Betphoenix Sportsbooks Bet Phoenix


Considerable deposit bonus, dedicated site for mobile betting, great content section, sexy-looking home page


Have had a few complaints about payments arriving past expected dates; clunky, old school betting engine



BetPhoenix is a middle-of-the-pack book. It’s not going to wow you in many ways but they do have a bigger-than-average deposit bonus, a good selection of betting lines and they’ll definitely cover your day-to-day needs. As long as you’re not concerned about the risk of a payment coming a bit longer than they projected, than it’s a place where you can deposit and have a good time.

About BetPhoenix Sportsbook

BetPhoenix is a good book that still services that U.S. marketplace, which definitely files them among a select few. Some books that continue to serve U.S. clients have delayed payment issues as it becomes more arduous to process finances and BetPhoenix is one of them. It’s more just a few cases than a consistent trend right now, so for now we can still recommend using this sportsbook until further notice.

How To Contact BetPhoenix

Phone: 1-877-717-7747

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live chat

What’s Their Reputation?

Their reputation has taken a bit of a hit with the delayed payment processing but overall, it’s not too bad. They don’t run too much fishy business and it’s understandable – at least to some degree – that their payments come a little slower considering just how much the U.S. government has been targeting the processors.

It’s definitely not the cleanest reputation in the game but it’s not the worst either. They’re a rung or two above the halfway point of the ladder.

Who Bets At BetPhoenix?

BetPhoenix is mostly a public shop for bettors that just want to get down to business. While the website looks flashy, recurring customers will note that the website is actually much simpler on the back end.

Big bonuses always attract the casual gamblers and that’s one of the highlights and BetPhoenix. That’s mostly what draws the rec crowd here.

Deposit Methods

Western Union

Moneybookers (not an option for initial deposit)

Withdrawal Methods

Mailed Check


How Is Their Customer Service?Bingo billy promo codes 2020.

Customer service is pretty good at BetPhoenix. We can actually rate their live chat agents among the best around and while that’s only a marginal gain, it tends to be a very frustrating exercise with most sportsbooks.

Overall, with payment delays – especially the first time you’re withdrawing from a sportsbook – you want to be able to communicate consistently and get updates. BetPhoenix will help you with that but whether their answers satisfy you or not is another question.

Putting that aside, though, for day-to-day needs, we had no issues.

How Easy Is It To Place A Bet On Their Website?

One area where BetPhoenix disappoints based on appearance alone is their betting engine.

When you visit their website for the first time, the thoughts that come to might are sleek, sexy and up-to-date with the times. Once you’ve logged in it’s a whole other story as you’re taken back to the stone age with the check box menus that make you go through about three or four pages before you can find your sport, find your bet, enter the amount and confirm it.

It’s kind of like meeting a girl online and the picture she used looked like Minka Kelly, but when she showed up she looked more like Nancy Grace.

Overall, it’s still easy to place a bet on the site but we were taken aback by how old school that system is compared to how new school their front page looks.

Methods of Betting

Betphoenix Sportsbooks Bet Phoenix

Phone: 1-888-238-8018

Betphoenix Sportsbooks Bet Phoenix



Reviewing The Rest Of The BetPhoenix Website

If we rated our favorite sportsbook homepages, BetPhoenix would be in the conversation among the best. When you land there for the first time, you just get the feel that it’s a happening place.

Unfortunately the website is more aesthetics than anything else as it’s fairly barebones save for one area, which we’ll get to. Their live betting is limited, there aren’t betting tools or stats, and there’s no video streaming. Truth be told, most bettors won’t care about any of those things but since we’re lining up sportsbooks side-by-side, it has to be mentioned that these types of things are missing.

The one area where they do thrive is daily content and that is a nice touch. They’re on top of almost all major sporting events with previews and articles covering them – they may do more college football preview articles than any other sportsbook.

It gives the feel of a sports news website and though you’d never mix BetPhoenix up with ESPN, their content section is commendable and is surely the highlight of the site.

Betting Variety

BetPhoenix has a decent selection and for most people, that will be enough. They cover all of the major sports such as football, basketball, soccer and MMA.

But they don’t have many props to speak of other than some futures here and there, and they definitely don’t delve into exotic entertainment props. Live betting is limited.

If you have sports betting ADD and need a buffet-style variety, you won’t find it here. But if you like bread and butter, then this place has your filling.

Betting Limits

NFL Games: $5000

NBA Games: $5000

NHL Games: $5000

MLB Games: $5000

What Type Of VIP Program/Loyalty Program Is Offered?

None available.

What Type Of Bonus & Rebate Program Is Offered?

Betphoenix casino online

BetPhoenix offers a 30% deposit bonus (freeplay) up to $500. The rollover is six times, which is reasonable for a big bonus like 30%.

Keep in mind that the bonus is not in effect if you deposit using credit cards and there are some conditions, such as you can’t bet huge favorites bigger than -200 with the freeplay.

If you call in, you are liable to get bigger bonus offers as we were presented with a 75% via live chat and the more you play with them, the more friendly they are with the bonuses.

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