Best Way To Play 3 Card Poker

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  1. To start, the player places an ante wager and/or a pair plus wager, betting that they.
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There are two basic ways to play Three Card Poker: ante-play and Pair Plus. Two win in ante-play if the dealer has a Queen or better, your hand must beat the dealer. To win in Pair Plus, you do not have to beat the dealer, but your hand must have a pair or better. Triple Card Poker is two games in one, the ‘Pair Plus’ and the ‘Ante Game’. You can play them together in a single hand or bet on each one separately”. Of course that’s exactly right. It’s really two games in one – you’re either playing against the dealers 3 cards to get the best hand,.

To give all of our casino card game playing website visitors a range of playing tips we would like to present to you our guide to the top 10 3 Card Poker game playing hints and tips which you will find listed below.

Feel free to check out these playing tips and put them into play when you next sit down to play this game online.

Lowest House Edge Bet

You are going to find that it is the Ante bet that returns the lowest house edge on the game of 3 Card Poker and as such maybe you are best sticking to placing only those wagers and avoiding the Pairs Plus betting options to ensure the maximum winning opportunities when playing this game.

When to Raise Your Ante Bet

When playing the Ante bet option offered on the card game of 3 Card Poker then the best playing strategy calls for you to only raise your Ante bet when you have been dealt out a Queen, Six and a Four or any higher valued hand, and fold any hand combinations with a lower value.

The “Pairs Plus” Bet Payouts

You need to be aware that depending at just which online casino you are playing at you can often find a completely different set of payouts attached to the game of 3 card poker, more so in regards to the highest payout attached to the Pairs Plus bet option. Microgaming for example offer a payout of 40 to 1 on the Straight Flush hand combination on this wager but other sites can and do offer much lower payouts, and those other sites are therefore offering very poor value on that bet option and their version of this game should be avoided!

Watch Your Stakes!

Best 3 card poker strategy

Be aware then often when you first launch the game of 3 Card Poker it will automatically bet set to the highest possible stake option, and as such if you inadvertently place those wagers onto the table and set the game into live play then you may end up playing for much higher stakes than you intended, so whenever you launch the game of 3 Card Poker always set the stake levels and chips values to your own preferences and never be too eager to simply set the game into play!

Have Enough Cash in Reserve

Be aware that when you play the Ante bet option when playing 3 Card Poker you need to have enough cash in your online casino account should you then go on to play that hand, if you do not have enough cash in your account then you will have to fold that hand which will result in your losing your Ante wager on what may just be a winning hand combination!

Playing with a Bonus

If the casino at which you are playing at has awarded you with some bonus credits and you can play 3 Card Poker games with that bonus then you will often find it is the Ante game which gives you the best chance of meeting the play through requirements of that bonus, the Pairs Plus bet can be high variance some time and this can often result in you losing your bonus way too quickly and may never get near completing the play through requirements of that bonus!

Tied Hands

When playing the Ante Bet if you and the Dealer get the exact same valued hand combination then this is classed as a tie, but many casinos will look at this result in different ways, some will simply class this hand as a push, but if you do find a casino that looks at tied Ant Bet hands as a winning hand for the Player then those games are the best variants to play, as long as the payouts available on that bet are the highest ones available also!

Compare Comps!

Much like every other casino game you should always be getting comp points awarded to you when playing 3 Card Poker, and as the number of comp points you can earn will vary from site to site do a little shopping around and seek out and only play at the sits offering you the highest number of comps points but also with the most beneficial redemption rates for turning those comps into casino credits!

3 Card Poker Tournament Strategies

Be advised that the aim of a 3 Card Poker tournament entry is for you to win as much as you can in the shortest amount of time, and whilst many people tend to play in a very high risk strategy when playing in such a casino game tournament, the best strategy that you can play is for you to work out how many hands you can play in the allocated time based on your tournament credits and then stick to place Ante Bets only.

If you do not follow the correct strategy you will often find you blow all of your tournaments credits way too quickly and as such will never make it onto a prize paying position on the 3 Card Poker tournaments leader board!

Get Some Playing Experience at No Risk

One final 3 Card Poker playing tip if you have never played this casino card game before is that you should give it some play time for free and at no risk at any of our listed online casino sites for by doing to you can then get a good understand for how to play this game and can practise playing perfect strategy and then move over to the real money options when you have truly mastered playing it!

31 Jan

You can have five cards or seven cards, two in your hand or four, community cards or streets full of them pinging your way, but there is one poker variant that is designed to pit just you against the casino – and that’s 3-card poker!

Unlike the other variants, where you are pitted against a motley assortment of other players, the ingenious 3-card version sees you and the dealer facing off, your goal being to beat the house.

If you’ve played any form of poker before then the three card variety won’t be too difficult to pick up, but of course the rules have a few specific details you have to know. Here’s a quick guide on how to play 3 card poker… Slots 88.


Ante Bet

You have to bet before you have seen your cards, and the ante bet allows you to do just that.

Pair Plus Bet

If you want to bet that your three cards will contain a pair or better, the pair plus bet can be made alongside your ante. This one doesn’t depend on what the dealer has. They might have a bigger pair, but your pair still wins money.

Play Bet

Equal to your ante bet, this one allows you to compete against the dealer, who will be dealt three cards as well, whether you are playing live or online.

Six Card Bonus Bet

This bet is one for the real gamblers out there, basically a small chance of a huge win if your own three cards in combination with the dealer’s three cards makes one strong 5-card hand.

Most experts on 3-card poker say not to touch this bet with a bargepole if it’s on offer, but that’s entirely your choice – speculate to accumulate is one motto that springs to mind.

Ok, you now know how the betting works, but how does a 3-card poker hand play out?

  • First up, before the cards appear, you place your ante bet, or if you prefer, the ante and a pair plus bet.
  • Do this and you and the dealer will both be dealt three cards. Your three will be face up, the dealer’s face down.
  • If you fancy the look of your cards, you will raise – placing a bet equal to your ante. If you don’t think your hand is any good, then you can fold, losing your initial stake.
  • Of course, you’ll need to know how the hand rankings work, and there’s only one small difference from standard poker, and we’ll describe this below.
  • The dealer will then reveal their cards and you’ll find out whether you’ve won or not.

How do I know if I have won?

It’s as simple as beating the dealer’s hand, and the dealer HAS to have at least a queen-high hand to play against you. If they don’t, then you’ve already won regardless of your own holding.

You get paid out an amount equal to your ante, and your play bet is also returned.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies to play, and you beat their hand, you get paid out a sum equal to the ante plus the Play bet. Naturally, if you lose then the dealer wins both of your ante and Play bets.

A tied hand between you and the dealer, as you can imagine, sees both of your bets returned. Suits don’t count as tiebreakers.

How much can I win?

Here’s where the bonuses can come into serious play, and the standard payout bonuses are split into two…

Ante Bet Bonus

Best Way To Play 3 Card Poker
Straight flush
3 of a kind
no payout
One pair
no payout

Pair Plus Bet bonus

Straight flush
3 of a kind
One pair

Best 3 Card Poker Strategy

As you can see, a straight beats a flush in 3-card poker. Also, it’s clear that the Pair Plus bet is where the biggest payouts happen, and don’t require you to beat the dealer to win.

The popular casino game can be played live, while 3 card poker online is one of the most popular virtual games at most online casinos.

One strategy tip you might like to know before trying your hand at the fast-paced, action-filled and potentially very lucrative casino game. The rule of Q64.

How To Play 3 Card Poker

You can play and bet every hand you are dealt if you want to, but having a starting hand of at least queen – six – four or better is a golden rule for beginners.

Play 3 Card Poker Online

That’s you got the basics of 3-card poker, so good luck at the tables!

Best Way To Play 3 Card Poker

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