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Posted : admin On 23.02.2021

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You may know that there’s no better casino game than blackjack to give you the best chances of beating the house. But did you know that thousands of real money blackjack apps let you shoot for 21 any time and any place?

Whether you’re looking for a single-deck game, or to place as many side bets as possible, there are plenty of options. So, you don’t need to settle for subpar when you can select from the all-around best blackjack apps that pay real money.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to investigate thousands, hundreds, or even dozens of mobile blackjack apps, as we’ve already done that for you. But, instead of just revealing our list of recommendations and calling it a day, we want to fill you in on how we arrived at our ratings and rankings of online blackjack apps that use real money.

We’re going to detail our review process and the things that we deem as priorities when it comes to identifying the best blackjack apps for real money play. It’s not enough for a casino to just have a blackjack app, or for it to be visually appealing.

When you’re wagering real cash, and you need to know that you’re betting on a safe, secure, and fair virtual blackjack table.

Best Free Blackjack App

As you can imagine, there’s quite a lengthy process that we go through to arrive at the list of the all-around best blackjack for real money apps. With thousands of ways to play blackjack games for real money, the mobile apps that rise to the top are the ones that exceed expectations.

Before we recommend any blackjack apps for real money play, each one is thoroughly reviewed and tested. We don’t feel that it’s enough to just take a peek at online casinos or mobile games and then come to a conclusion. We need to see exactly what’s on offer.


Our team of experts also observes the online gambling community to look for patterns of good, or not so good, behavior. These can include payout issues, player feedback, glitches with the mobile gambling apps, and owner reputation.

We take the background information and then combine it with our own impressions to create our rankings of top blackjack apps.

Note that we have different recommendations depending on jurisdictions. Real money blackjack apps for the USA are in a league of their own, for example, with fewer selections than what you may find in Europe, Asia, Canada, or other locations.

Our list of top-rated mobile blackjack apps automatically adjusts depending on your location, so you can pick any one of our recommended apps safe in the knowledge that it’s suitable for you.

Some things are just “nice to have” when it comes to choosing apps for real money blackjack. For example, welcome promotions, blackjack tournaments, and other player incentives up the game when comparing one mobile blackjack provider to another.

However, other things are non-negotiable. They’re the essentials needed to ensure safe and fair gaming, including reliable payouts without any hurdles to jump. You shouldn’t have to chase after your winnings. Blackjack apps that pay real money when you win are essential.

Here are some details on how we go about selecting the best blackjack apps to recommend.

Licensing and Regulation

The situation with licensing and regulation varies depending on where you live. If you’re in the UK, for example, then you’re under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission. UK-licensed apps to play blackjack for real money are the only way to go, as you’re assured oversight.

It’s not as cut and dry in other locations, particularly the United States, where the gambling laws aren’t consistent. In a state like New Jersey, Atlantic City casinos are approved to offer real money online gambling. But that holds only as long as players are within the confines of the Garden State.

If you’re taking advantage of mobile real money blackjack that originates outside of your area, then licensing and regulation could be from a variety of agencies, including the Malta or Curacao Gaming Commissions, to name a few.

Licensing, regulation, longevity, and reputation all combine to create a safe space to play mobile blackjack for money. They work together, as reputable owners secure proper licensing.

One thing that you may notice about gambling sites, blackjack or otherwise, is that an ownership group is pretty consistent with its websites and apps. If one online casino or real money casino app is known for slow pays or issues, it typically holds with sister sites and apps. We consider that when compiling our best blackjack apps recommendations.



Safe, secure, and fair gaming is the common thread with all of the best apps to play blackjack for real money. Those three specifications spill over into the banking situation as well. You need a variety of dependable banking options to move cash to and from your mobile betting account.

We specifically look for blackjack apps that offer a combination of traditional banking with other methods, like cryptocurrencies.

Along with the ways to deposit and withdraw, though, it’s essential to have no, or low, fees, and relatively fast payouts. Who wants to wait for weeks to receive winnings in today’s world where everything moves quickly?

Tying everything together with the best blackjack for real money apps is the customer service component.

You may be okay waiting a few days to get your requested payout. But if you’re in the middle of transferring money and run into a problem or something happens to the app when you have cash in play, you can’t wait 48 hours for someone to assist.

So, responsive customer service, preferably with both live chat and phone options, is also part of the essential criteria for mobile blackjack providers.

Blackjack Games on Real Money Casino Apps

There’s blackjack, and then there’s blackjack with a twist. If you’re already a fan of the game, then you know that there are quite a few variations on the pursuit of 21. The best blackjack apps carry an assortment of different games.

You can change-up the game in two ways. The first is by adding side bet alternatives, like Lucky Lucky or 21 + 3. Another approach is by altering the game itself through the number of decks or the rules.

Single deck blackjack has a 0.17% house edge, whereas eight decks change the game to 0.66%. Then, there are more significant changes. Spanish Blackjack, for example, has all of the tens removed, so you’re playing with a 48-card deck instead of 52.

The leading real money blackjack apps all have a collection of tables and side bet options to satisfy the majority of players.

Here are some details of popular real money blackjack games available on mobile gambling apps.

Two hands are dealt to each player in Blackjack Switch, an unusual game of 21 that adds a new strategic component. Players can swap one card from each hand.

Blackjacks are only paid at even money. But, hey, you have to sacrifice something for the opportunity to mix and match.

European Blackjack

When you play European Blackjack, the dealer isn’t going to spoil the fun too soon by flipping over the second card to a blackjack.

In this version, the dealer doesn’t check the hole card until you decide what you’re going to do first.

Perfect Pairs could be considered as its own blackjack game, and you’ll come across a table that bears its name. But some real money blackjack apps will designate it as a side bet on another game.

That’s because the Perfect Pairs bet is optional. You’re predicting that your first two cards will match and, if so, you get a bonus, regardless of whether your hand wins or loses.

Other Blackjack Variants

Whether you’re in a real money online casino or playing on a dedicated mobile blackjack app, the tables depend on the software provider. But there are quite a few different options, especially if you’re using one of the best blackjack apps that we’ve recommended.

A few other possibilities include twists on the game with Double Exposure, Zappit, American Blackjack, and Pontoon. You’ll also come across different side bets, progressive jackpots, and multi-hand variations.

Most of the top mobile apps to play blackjack for cash stick to the “player versus computer” scenario. You’re not competing with other players at the table and, therefore, no one is affecting your outcome by taking a hit on a 19.

But, some of the top-rated blackjack apps are like two for ones, as they include mobile live dealer blackjack. It’s closer to the real casino gaming experience, as you have a croupier dealing the cards, and you’ll typically reserve a spot at a seven-seat table unless you’re playing “common draw.”

Real money blackjack games in a live casino allow you to interact with other players through text chat. You can also ask questions of the dealer, and play some other casino or mobile blackjack games at the same time.

If you’re looking to practice for a trip to a brick and mortar casino or you like the social aspect of the mobile live casino, then you’ll want to narrow your search for the best apps for mobile blackjack to ones that include live dealer action.

Whether you’re specifically searching for the best mobile blackjack apps or other apps for real money gambling, you’ll want to make sure that the essential criteria are satisfied. We cover the top four in a previous section, including licensing, reputation, banking, and customer service.

But, from there, you’ll find that the mobile blackjack games differ, as do the various services. Real money casino apps promote different bonuses and promotions, have custom designs, additional game availability, and formats.

We find that the very best blackjack apps have as many of the add-ons and expanded services as possible, but it doesn’t matter if you need to access them from the Apple or Google Play store or go straight to the mobile browser. Today’s mobile formatting provides easy navigation and similar interaction.

Here some more features you should look for when choosing apps to play blackjack for money.

  • Responsive and native apps
  • In-app registration and banking
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Loyalty program
  • The ability to play on Android, iPhone, or any other mobile device with the same quality experience.
  • Live chat feature for in-game and customer service
  • Multi-table access
  • Additional casino gaming on the side
  • Plenty of side bet options
  • Live dealer blackjack tables
  • Mobile tournament play
  • Reliable software provider

It’s more common to find dedicated blackjack apps in the “play for fun” category. Most blackjack apps for money are part of a more expansive mobile casino. That allows you to stick to your favorite game, or roam around the virtual gaming floor and play some other games on the side.

Can you use blackjack apps to win real money?

Yes. Even though Apple and Google Play stores are filled with blackjack apps for fun, there are plenty of mobile blackjack games for real cash.

Not all of them are housed in the app stores, as many mobile casino apps are accessed directly from your mobile browser.

Blackjack Apps Free

Gambling, both land-based and online, varies depending on where you live.

Real blackjack apps are available in most locations around the world. But, in the US, for example, they can originate as localized online blackjack apps within some state lines. While residents in other states may only have access to real money blackjack apps from providers in other jurisdictions.

Blackjack For Money App

Are real money blackjack apps safe?

Mobile casino apps, including mobile blackjack apps, are safe as long as you select one from a recommended and reputable provider.

Security is also your responsibility, though. You want to make sure that you’ve got a password-protected, secure connection. We wouldn’t recommend playing on real money casino apps while connected to an open wifi hotspot.

Best Real Blackjack App

Why can’t I find a real money blackjack app in the app store?

Blackjack apps are available in two formats. Native apps are the ones that you’ll find in the Apple or Google Play stores. Downloading them adds buttons to your mobile screen for immediate access.

Native apps aren’t available everywhere, as it depends on your jurisdiction. However, you don’t need a native app to play mobile real money blackjack, as most of today’s gambling sites provide responsive apps. Responsive apps are the ones through your mobile browser, no download required.

Best Blackjack App For Android

We’ve provided a list of recommendations for the best real money blackjack apps based on our reviews and ratings. These rankings are determined by a long list of criteria.

First, we make sure that all of the essentials are covered. Then, we move on to the variety of tables, as well as side bets, bonuses, design, and other casino game availability. You can rest assured that our recommendations are genuinely the best apps for playing real money blackjack.