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Olg online slots slot joint golden tiger slot casino slots online, free play casino slots online, free best online slot casino canada. [email protected] (02) 4221 3449. The best Ontario casinos online offer Canadian gamblers the best range of games, let you deposit loonies and cashout in record time. Slots and games regulated by the OLG can be found at. What are the best slot machine games with the highest payout ratio and where can I play them – perhaps combine them with a casino bonus or some free spins? In this list, you will find the best online slot games to win, the highest RTP slots 2019 and of course the highest RTP slots 2020! Ugga Bugga, 99.07% – Playtech.

Here is everything you should know regarding online casinos in Ontario. This website is the central destination for casino fans who are seeking resources and information on online betting websites. Get educated and comfortable regarding casino games, strategy, tips, reviews and many more. The real money OLG online casino review has been provided based on its mobile offerings, live casino platforms, latest casino games, the best bonus and promotional offers, withdrawal procedures, reliability, and honesty.

Things to Know About Online Casinos

Well, there are thousands of 線上輪盤 casino websites available on the web. It would be very difficult for you to select one online casino among them. The selection of the best casino depends on the fact whether you want a wide range of slots games, a loyalty program, or the best welcome-bonus. The clever method to pick the best casino is simply to try out. Hence, we have tried some of the best casinos and then we have written this OLG online casino review to assist you. You should be aware of the process of making informed and safe gaming choice when you want to register on a casino site. We rank internet casinos on many factors that are vital to Canadian gamblers. OLG online casino review could be possible after passing all of the required factors.

Online Security is important

Going through the web-based casino is hard enough without the additional dilemma of worrying about whether all your personal information is secure. From the required online security to the global certification to make sure that your internet casino site is secure, we wish to ensure that everything is sealed, signed, and delivered in a secure and protected gaming package.


Knowing all the fine points of the casino websites is rather hard, especially without being aware of the further aggravation of a futile customer-support team. We visited nearly all the famous casinos to see their customer support desk for their product knowledge and language ability but they were not as good as OLG online casino.


After you register at an internet casino, you get flooded with bonuses. No-deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and welcome bonuses are just for beginners. What do the aforementioned bonuses mean? It’s quite puzzling for the new players and even more, experienced players can get easily confused in betting requirements. You are, therefore, suggested to make better-informed selections powered by knowledge.

Picking the best online casino shouldn’t be difficult. But these days, it sure seems that way . There are literally thousands of websites promoting online casinos. Every single one of them offering their visitors different information. It’s confusing. Honestly, it’s a bit of a pain in the butt.

That’s why I created Play Online Slots Canada. It’s time for some honest information that will allow Canadians just like you, a chance to make your own decision. With that, here is everything you need to know before playing at an online casino.

Webmaster Disclosure :

Before going any further, I should let all visitors know that this website contains affiliate links. ( the car wash doesn’t pay much ) Play Online Slots Canada is a website I’ve created to make a second income while still offering honest and detailed information to my Canadian visitors.

Each casino listed contains a link and if you decide to make a deposit, I’ll earn a little bit of money. Thanks for your support.

How I Rate Online Casinos

The ratings you find on Play Online Slots are all my personal opinion from years of experience. If you ever have any questions about my ratings, please use the contact form and we will chat about your concerns.

Here are the ranking categories

  • Customer support.
  • Game play fairness.
  • Game selection
  • Bonus offers
  • Banking options
  • Loyalty program
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Time in

Customer Support

Customer Support is key in any business. Gambling online is no different. That’s why it’s the first feature I rank. If a casino is amazing in every other category but had customer service that was horrible, they wouldn’t even be considered for this website. Do yourself a favor and test the support of any online casino you may be considering. Just send a quick email with some basic questions and see how they respond.

Game Play Fairness

Every played at a casino ( land based or online ) and noticed that your money is gone in a flash with next to no wins ?

That’s called a “fixed” slot machine and you should avoid those like the plague.

Lord knows I’ve played at some casinos that were so obviously fixed ( OLG slots come to mind ) that they were instantly added to my ” avoid at all costs ” list.

However, legit online casinos are independently audited by a third party to ensure complete fairness. More on what fairness standards means below.

Fairness Example:

Fairness standard means that a casino must have an over all payout percentage of at least 95%

This doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself on a losing streak or on a massive win streak. It simply means that of all the money taken in by the casino, 95% of it will go back out as winnings.

Example: over a month, a casino receives $1000 dollars in deposits from their player base.

Of that $1000, $995 of it will go back out to customers.

Most casinos have a payout percentage of around 96-97%

Here is an example of a Cosmo Casino audit by eCogra

Fair Play links can always be found at the bottom of a casino’s website.

Game Selection

Have you ever played at the OLG casino. It’s an online casino run by the Canadian government and in my personal opinion, absolutely sucks moose hoofs. was created on a HTML-5, thus, it is available from all the main devices on Android, iOS or Windows mobile operational systems. Indeed, you should have a sufficient capability of your device to bet comfortably, otherwise use a PC-version. The highest performance is shown on: iPhone. Nairabet mobile version of Nairabet Lite offers design for quick Nairabet mobile app download on your device. The interface contains a smaller amount of information displayed at one time. This version is ideal for players usually familiar with the sports book Nairabet. And of course, the Nairabet. Nairabet mobile app Load Bet Code/Check Bet Slip. Back home reload mobile desktop home reload mobile desktop. Nairabet’s mobile website version is identical to the desktop’s one and you can access everything from it, also it has all of the options, which other bookmaker’s apps have. The purpose of Nairabet of not providing a special mobile application.

Why you ask ? Other than their awful website design, they have just over 100 games to choose from .

In today’s world of advanced gaming, that’s downright Awful. The casinos that make their way onto this website, have at least 500 games to choose from.

Games like classic slots, free spins and bonus slots, keno, video poker, Blackjack, roulette and many more.

Pretty well anything you can think of. This is good for business and good for players looking for a bit of variety. It should be noted that the casino rewards group is always adding brand new games to their current collection.

At last check, they had almost 600 different casino games. That’s amazing !

Bonus Offers

As I have learned over the years, some bonuses are just too good to be true. Sure a 400% match bonus up to $4000 free may sound tempting, but take it from me, these bonuses are never found at reputable online casinos. What players usually don’t know is these bonuses are “sticky” and the $4000 free bonus money you received will be taken off your winnings when you cash out. If you are even able to cash out at all.

That’s why if you are looking to play with a bonus, look for free spin and 100% ( ish ) match bonuses.

The casinos found on play online slots usually have anywhere between a 50-150% introduction offer . These are fair offers and usually mean that both the winnings and the bonus can be cashed out.

Great Offer from Quatro Casino

One particular bonus you may really enjoy is Quatro Casino’s 100% match bonus and 700 free spin offer. It’s a fantastic bonus that not only doubles your money, but also gives you lots of free spins on 7 different slot machines.

Something to Keep in Mind

A bonus at any single casino can only be used once. Signing up for a second account in order to claim a bonus again will get your winnings and deposit voided.

Also remember, you are never required to accept a bonus offer in order to enjoy a casino. If a bonus is automatically applied, just contact live support and let them know you wish to enjoy today’s session without a bonus. They will remove it right away.

Banking Options

Depositing at an online casino use to be as simple as entering your credit card and you were ready to play.

Today, in the year 2020, it’s a little bit different. Certain credit cards are no longer accepted at inline gambling sites.

This is due in part to a law passed by the USA a few years back. So American based credit card companies can’t be used. IE: Capital One

The good news is there are now methods that are even easier to use like e-wallet services and Much better instant transfer services. (Muchbetter is the name of the service I use btw ) for all the details on casino banking options, check out this detailed post. It has everything you’ll ever need to make a deposit and cash out your winnings.

Loyalty Program

Best Olg Online Slot

Almost every company offers their customers some sort of loyalty program. We’ve got Timmies, Air Miles, Petro Points and loads of other programs that reward you for your business with them.

Online casinos are no different. If you happen to find a casino without a loyalty program, run away because you deserve a little something for your hard earned money.

Casino Rewards has an excellent loyalty program and more information on what they offer can be found here .

Terms and Conditions

This one is a bit tricky. I personally don’t usually play with a bonus because I don’t like the restrictions of a wagering requirements. My ratings for a casinos terms and conditions is not based on their wagering requirements however. I rate them based on how clean they are.

Then more clear the terms, the higher the rating. Nobody enjoys looking all over a website for the basic information they require. Casinos with hidden terms and conditions never, ever, make it onto this website.

Olg Play Online Casino

Time IN

Time IN is a rating given based on years in the business.

For example:

A store like Walmart would be rated a solid 10 because they’ve been around forever and everybody knows that if your not happy with something , they will gladly take it back.

A store like Dan’s shoe store that just opened up, would get a low rating of 1-3 because they have yet to prove themselves as a reliable place to shop.

The same goes for online casinos. Well established casinos will always receive a higher rating than brand new casinos.

Olg Casino

That’s All Folks

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I hope the guide has helped readers see some of the things to look for when choosing an online casino. Why not let me know what you found useful in the comment section below. I’m always looking to add to current articles to improve them so others can benefit from new information.

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Happy Gaming and Good Luck !