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Posted : admin On 09.03.2021

It seems most avid myVegas players have a go to game. But, is there a “best” game? Really, it all depends on your goals. If you’re a fan of online slots and enjoy playing the bonuses, you may like Frontier Fortune or either Excalibur variant. For my fake money, the best game to play is Lotus Land. Reason being, I’m only playing myVegas to build LPs and get some free rewards. I care little about actually interacting with the games. In fact, it’s rare for me to sit down at a slot while in Vegas; they simply can’t hold my attention. This goes double for the online versions.

Gems bonanza slot. Konami Slots RTP. Konami Slots RTP – The slot and casino solutions company Konami began in Japan back in 1973 and have regional offices in Las Vegas and Australia for their US and Asian markets respectively. They produce both online and cabinet games.

What’s great about Lotus Land is that it requires no player participation beyond the initial spin. The slots at Wizard Slots does offer free spin bonuses, but those are registered and run automatically, without having to interact with it. Most other myVegas slots require player decisions or acknowledgement (having to press a button once the bonus is complete). You can simply let Lotus Land run in the background while you check emails or peruse the moronic things your “friends” type on Facebook, like me. The only auxiliary participation you may encounter is if myVegas is running a promotion in which you gather items during your spins. However, I’ve been able to go through hundreds of spins without needing to click the old mouse. It’s a great game for gaining LPs or building your strip. I mentioned this little gem in my last podcast episode. Some have used the advice with success:

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@VegasFanboy Thanks for suggesting Lotus Land on myVegas. Definitely the best of their slots to just run in the background.

— You Can Bet on That (@YouCanBetonThat) April 22, 2015


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@[email protected] I wholeheartedly agree. My Aria building progress has been great since I tried it.

Ps1 Konami Games

— BSB (@ismebsb) April 22, 2015

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