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The main on-line gambling markets in baseball are the Ante-post (Outright) markets for the championships and the individual match betting for each game. Of, course there are also in-game betting markets available.

Here, we will look at the main betting markets available for the Major League Baseball (MLB) season that runs through most of the year in the United States.

  • Sports Betting Odds Explained. Sports Betting Odds Explained. By Loot, Professional Sports Bettor, Sports betting odds may seem foreign at first for the beginning sports bettor. But rest assured, you’re never that far from gaining total comprehension. It’s really not that hard. Walk through a sportsbook one day.
  • Betting websites may change their odds as information comes to light. For example, when a team line-up is published before a game and the star players aren’t making an appearance, or perhaps news of injuries or training issues come out. These will all have an effect on the betting odds offered.

Ante-post (Outright market) betting

Understanding American Odds As the name suggests, American odds are most popular in the United States. Working differently for favorites and underdogs, they're also known as 'moneyline' odds. American odds for betting on the favorite work by showing how much money you would have to bet in order to win $100.

As with the American Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey leagues in the United States, the baseball leagues are also divided and separated into different divisions and leagues and so the following markets are available.

The divisions contain five teams each and you can gamble on who will win any division:

National Division East / West / Central Winners
American Division East / West / Central Winners

The three National Divisions make the National League and the three American Divisions make the American League so you can also gamble on:

National League Winners

American League Winners

The bookmakers will often offer “Each way” bets on the League winners at ½ the odds at first and second place. (See “Each Way” in our horse racing betting guide for more information.)

Winning Division Winner – You can also gamble on which Division the League winners will come from! This year (2017) the odds are:

National Division East 21/10
National Division West 12/5
National Division Central 23/20
American Division East 6/5
American Division West 12/5
American Division Central 2/1

Finally:The World Series Winners – ½ odds placed at First or Second

Winning League – You can gamble on which League the team that wins the World Series will come from:

National League 17/20
American League 17/20

Winning Division – You can also gamble on which Division the team that wins the World Series will come from:

National Division East 11/2
National Division West 6/1
National Division Central 10/3 Twitch rocknrolla gambling.

American Division East 7/2
American Division West 6/1
American Division Central 5/1

To make the Playoffs – Which teams will make the playoffs? That is to finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place in their league or enter via the two “Wildcard” places.

Regular Season Wins – A basic over / under bet with the number of wins set by the bookmaker – for example:Los Angeles Dodgers to win UNDER 94.5 games is 8/11 and for them to win OVER 94.5 games is 11/10

Of course, as with most of the other sports gambling – Individual Performance betting is also available:

MVP Winner – “MVP” means “Most Valuable Player” – basically the best player according to statistics at the end of the season.

Cy Young Winner – This is an award given to the two best pitchers of the season – one pitcher from each league.

Most Regular Season Home Runs – Who will score the most home runs in the season? Odds are ¼ each Way at 1,2,3,4 places and please note – like golf – Dead Heat Rules apply.

Regular Season Home Runs – A basic Over / Under bet with the number of home runs set by the bookmaker – for example:Anthony Rizzo to score UNDER 30.5 Home Runs is 10/11 and to score OVER 30.5 Home Runs is also 10/11

Regular Season Wins – A basic Over / Under bet with the number of wins set by the bookmaker – for example:John Lester’s total regular season wins to be UNDER 15.5 is 10/11 and to be OVER 15.5 is also 10/11

Typical Individual Match Betting

Money Line – A basic win / lose bet on a team e.g. Reds 5/4 Giants 20/29
Run Line – A basic win /lose handicap bet where the team you choose to win or lose must win or lose by the number of runs +/- set by the bookmaker.
Total – A basic Over / Under bet where the total number of runs scored by both teams is set by the bookmaker. E.g. UNDER 10.5 runs 10/11 OVER 10.5 runs 10/11

Other betting odds for the MLB match

One of the biggest online bookmaker William Hill not only offers the Money line, Run line, and Totals but also various betting odds for MLB match. You can bet on these odds below while in the regular season.

1st Innings Winner, A Run in the 1st Innings, 1st Innings Runs, 1st Innings Hits, Most Hits in the 1st Innings, Top 1st Run, Ton 1st Hit, Bottom 1st Run, Bottom 1st Hit, 3 Innings Line, 7 Innings Line, Race to (Runs), 3 Innings Total, 7 Innings Total, Lead After (Innings), Extra Innings, First Team to Score, Last Team to Score, Team Scoring First Wins Game, Game Total-Bands, Alternative Run Line, Alternative Game Total, Alternative 3-Way Run Line, Alternative Total 3-Way, Alternative 5 Innings Line, Alternative 5 Innings Total, Team with Highest Scoring Innings, Double Result, Winning Margins, First Home Run of Game Will be, Game Total Odd/Even, Highest Scoring Period, Team Totals, Team Hits, Team Total Odd/Even, Total Hits, Most Hits

As a fan, you don’t care if your team wins by a point or 100. A win is a win, though that 100-point win would be a little easier on the nerves.

In sports betting, how much a team wins by is usually all that matters.

The most popular way to bet for the two most popular sports, basketball and football, is with the point spread, also known as the “side.” Most baseball, hockey and soccer bets are on the moneyline, which is betting on a team to win straight up with adjusted odds. Football and basketball have moneyline bets available too, but most people will take the point spread.

The concept can be a bit confusing if you’ve never dabbled in sports betting before.

Why bet with the point spread?

The point spread was created to attract more action on a game. When the San Francisco 49ers are expected to blow out the Arizona Cardinals, it’s not enticing to lay $300 to win $100 on a moneyline. But when the 49ers are 11-point favorites and each side is -110 odds? That’s much easier.

In that example, the 49ers are spotting the Cardinals 11 points before the game starts, at least for bettors. The 49ers have to win by 12 or more points to cover the spread. If the Cardinals win or lose by 10 or less, that side wins the bet. If the game lands on 11, like a 21-10 49ers win, it’s a push and all bets are refunded. If you see a -11 that means that team is favored, and +11 means you’re taking the underdog.

Nothing sharpens your math skills better than trying to figure out how big your lead as a bettor is if you have a 22.5-point basketball underdog that is losing 90-72.

The problem with the point spread can be when a team — which really doesn’t care that you bet the favorite at -11 — has a 14-point lead but gives up a meaningless score at the end to win by only seven points. They’re still happy with the win. You, as a bettor, are not.

Baseball Betting Odds Explained Odds

© Provided by Yahoo! Sports Sportsbooks have large boards that display point spreads for all games that day. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

Point spreads lead to bad beats

The most infamous example of a bad beat with the point spread probably came in the 2004 Final Four at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Baseball Betting Odds Explained Payouts

Duke was a 2.5-point underdog against UConn. The Huskies rallied late and took a 79-75 lead on a free throw with 3.2 seconds left. The game itself was over; Duke couldn’t score twice in a few seconds. But Duke guard Chris Duhon pulled up for a running 3-pointer just over the half-court line and banked it in at the buzzer. Duke lost 79-78, but bettors who had Duke and 2.5 points won. March Madness is a huge event for bettors, and reports at the time estimated that Duhon’s “meaningless” shot resulted in a $30 or $40 million swing in Nevada. UConn players celebrated at the final buzzer. UConn bettors doubled over in pain. That’s the difference between betting the moneyline and the point spread.

Baseball Betting Lines Explained

Baseball and hockey have point spreads too, the “run line” in baseball and “puck line” in hockey. It’s generally 1.5 with odds adjusting accordingly. Taking a big baseball favorite at -1.5 runs can make the odds more palatable. Of course, betting the New York Yankees at -1.5 to bring down the odds from -190 to -110 isn’t too fun when they win 4-3 and you don’t cash a bet.

Explain Betting Odds +162

Betting on the point spread is the most common way to wager on sports. And the first time you take a favorite that wins the game but doesn’t cover the spread, you’ll understand every bettor’s heartbreak.